Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Update to todays first post!!

**  Ok....y'all.....this was one of my Oops moments.....I was not finished with this post (small interruption) and it was not even suppose to post until later this week.....Guess what?  I pushed the wrong stinking button!  ha!

This may a very strange question..

Do you have a BFF?  Best Friend Forever.

My sweet Sam, is without a doubt......MY VERY BEST FRIEND!     BUT, what I'm talking about is a friend other than your spouse....someone that you could definitely call your BEST FRIEND?

Is there someone in your life that you grew up with and have always been Best Friends with?

Or...What about having a one-sided Best Friend relationship?  A relationship where you might really consider someone to be YOUR BEST FRIEND....however, these feelings are not felt as deep by the other party.

Oh well....I won't even bother to finish it....but do tell.....

Do you have a Best Friend other than your spouse......and what is it that really makes this relationship special? you have a one-sided BF relationship!!

So thankful that I didn't post one of my 
(Vent writings..) that only goes in my own special file for a few days and then is deleted!!!  You know....those kind that allows you just to get things off your chest!!

Y'all just pray for me and my crazy TOO BUSY moments!



Ginny said...

Definitely Phil is my best friend. But I also have a best girlfriend.

Terra said...

I do have a BFF, maybe I ought to tell her. Real friends are rare so I treasure mine,

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I do have a best friend,but have only known her for about 21 years or so. Sometimes long standing friendships from youth can grow apart.I have also experienced that and it is not that much fun.

Melinda said...

As I have gotten older, the BFF
term gets dropped and friends are

One sided not so much.

M :)

Betsy Adams said...

Hi, Like you, George is my very best friend. BUT--as far as girlfriends, my very best friend, Judy, means alot to me. BUT---although she likes me alot, I truly don't think that I am her best friend. She is wishy-washy ---and also has TONS of other friends. I love her --but don't really trust that what I say to her STAYS with her... She talks alot --so I have to be careful of what I say to her, not wanting it to go somewhere else. SO--because of this lack of trust, I can't really say that she is my very best friend.... A BEST friend loves you no matter what and listens but never shares what you say with others.... I guess I want more from a BEST friend than what she can give.


Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Well, I've had several BFFs during my life, but as I get older and relationships drift apart, I am now without one and I don't intend to find a replacement. I'm happy doing what I do and occasionally having lunch or a photography outing with various girlfriends. I've gotten to be quite a hermit in my old age!

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Shug, Thanks for the email. I re-read this--and understand how easily they can 'post' when you don't want them to... BUT--you can go back in there and put them back in drafts ---or even delete them if that happens...

You are one BUSY lady.
P.S. I asked you a question in my email back to you.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

My hubby is my best friend. Also my daughter is a great friend and we can talk about anything. Ditto my son. I'm blessed we are such a close family.

But, yes, I have other friends. One friend I've had for over 50 years but she lives away from here now. I don't get to see her very often, but we'll always be good friends. Another good friend I've been friends with for 30 years and we can talk about anything. She's so talented and good at everything she does that I've often said if I didn't love her, I'd dislike her! Ha ha! She has many friends and while I doubt I'm her BFF, she's probably mine if I have to use that term. Actually, I don't think of anyone as BFF's really, friends are just friends. Some are just closer than others. There have many friends...some have died, some have moved away and we lost touch.

I've never been one to really want to have a lot of people to keep up with, I just have a hard time doing that, such as in having them over for dinner if we've been to their house, etc. And I just may be a bit selfish and want to enjoy my family time without worrying about pleasing others.

Grandma Bonnie said...

With all the moving we have done in our life I did not keep up with those who would have been best friends. I would just have to say my hubby.

Inside a British Mum's Kitchen said...

yes even though I hardly ever see her as well live in different continents!
Mary x

camp and cottage living said...

My DH is my best friend and my daughter.
At this point in life I don't want any best girlfriends. I have enough family relationships to care for.

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