Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just For Fun....... all are gonna think this girl has lost her mind....Better yet, you're gonna think that I'm pretty desperate for something to blog about!

While the first statement might be TRUE, the second one is anything but true.  I Do have much to blog about!  Oh yes....I really do have much to say, but sometimes some of my thoughts are better being left in the draft section.  Especially when it comes to government issues, the leaders of our nation......  OR.....when it comes to understanding the way people in general think these days!

Moving on to another topic here.....

If you could choose, to do one crazy thing today.....JUST FOR  FUN..... What would it be??

I would love to go Sing!!    I would love to step out into the middle of crazy filled, multi-level mall, with a good microphone and just sing my heart out!!  

"The colors of a pretty the sky
Are also on the faces....of people....going by
I see friends shaking do you do
They're really saying.....I love you

It's a Wonderful Life!!

How awesome would that be??  and after I sang a few more songs.....I would then burst out into the hip hop dance...."The Harlem Shake"     Why not?  This seems to be the "Thing" these days          and   .......OH YES I WOULD!!

This is Tyler and his baseball team......doing the Harlem Shake..... 

I know NOTHING about music....I can NOT grandchildren even cover their ears when I try to sing the words to "O' McDonald Had a Farm" with them!!   You get my point??
However, I have had lessons doing the hip hop dance!!  Many to be exact....

Now....tell me what your fun thing would be???


Betsy Adams said...

Seems like we all would love to do things that we are not so good at. I can sing --but I can't decorate my home like yours is... Guess we all have our talents...

SO---if I could do something just for today that I don't usually do, I guess I would choose to fly a small airplane. I have always wanted to do that --but never have.


Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

I would love to dance with complete confidence and abandon! Cannot dance to save my life, so that would be a big wish. :)

Ginny said...

Your header is beautiful, where is it? You have had hip-hop lessons??? One crazy thing just for I really so old that I can't even THINK of one??? Oh NO!!! Has being a deacon stifled me? My mind is totally blank...

Michelle said...

I would love to tap dance!!!!!!!!!

Pam said...

Great post and great header! I agree, government issues, better in the draft section. So this post is perfect and fun. I'd like to go out there and sing too.

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