Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Festival...Trunk R' Treat

Whew.....just finished the church Fall Festival, or should I say....."Trunk R' Treat?"

What fun!!  This year's event was a Sports Theme.  There were some really cute decorated trunks and in my case....tailgates!

Yes, as you can see in the above photo, I was throwing a tailgate party.  It's not showing in this picture, but I even had SMOKE coming out of the pit.  The dried ice really made it look like we were cooking up some good food...


Right next to me, was Trista's trunk.....the kids had a great time playing putt putt.....  Her event was golf, and yes...she does have on a football uniform!  I'm thinking she looks pretty good in that thing!  BTW...I asked her why she wore the FB uniform and she said because it was FREE.
Can't beat that!!

This is my adopted daughter (Calecia).....our pastor's wife!
Her game was Fishing....and her trunk was simply adorable!

Of course....we had the "Chandler Duck Dynasty Team" doing the duck game....Aren't they cute?  BTW...the back of the truck was filled with water, with several ducks floating around!!

My helper....(Tyler)....was the best!  Needless to say, we had a lot of people stopping at our booth, just to see the guy with the crazy hair and the backwards jacket!!
The kids all wanted Tyler to give them their candy!

I love these beauties...these ladies are all so very precious.
I promise...this picture was not staged...just so happens that they all were sitting right there in front of the "Handicapped Sign."  We all had a big laugh when we noticed it!!

Here is my other helper....every tailgating party needs a cheerleader...

This is what I worked on Yesterday.....I glued all of these cute little things to the sticks....

Fun, Fun, Fun....

And the object of this game was....if the bottom of your stick was black, you got to choose one little item from the box...if it was white, they got candy.
The little kids loved this game.

We had a wonderful time....I HAD A WONDERFUL TIME.



  1. How fun! I love the little game you came up with for the sticks. Bet the kids really enjoyed it all. You have such a neat family and circle of friends.

  2. I am going to save this for ideas for next year - we do that too - good ideas and you are cute.

  3. Trunk or Treat is so popular EVERYWHERE these days.. It's a great way for kids to enjoy Halloween --and be SAFE....

    Cute Theme!!!

  4. Looks like lots of fun for everyone! Cute idea for a tailgate party. Best wishes for a lovely new week. Tammy

  5. It was PERFECT weather for Trunk or Treating!! Those Duck Commanders are too fun!! Glad to see you had such an enjoyable time! blessings ~ tanna

  6. Oh, how funny! The Duck Dynasty guys are about 30 minutes from us and my kids went to school with them. We can't believe the hit they have been all across this country. My kids were always blowing on their duck calls at the pep rallies and football games.

    Love Trunk or Treat, such a nice change for the kids.

    Happy new week!

  7. Our church does trunk-or-treat, but we haven't done the sports theme! Such a great idea!

  8. I love your game. I have heard of trunk or treat but I have never seen one in action. Thanks for sharing.


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