Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Wonderful Event

Showers, Sunshine, and Spring Flowers!

This was the theme for this years BVT Ladies Spring Luncheon.    I was Blessed, with an invitation to attend this wonderful event.  It was held, last Saturday, April the Breckenridge Village of Tyler...

I would love to introduce you to one of my very dear friends......Linda Taylor.
Linda is the BVT Director of Development, and her love for this place speaks very loud and clear through her deep dedication for the position that God has placed her in...

This lady is always wearing a beautiful smile!

The speaker for this event was Colleen Swindoll Thompson....she is the daughter of Chuck and Cynthia Swindoll....

Colleen's third child, Jonathan (14) has multiple and complicated disabilities.  As many of you already know, BVT is a special needs home, and Colleen shared from her heart, what it has been like in her own life to have a special needs child.

If anyone is interested, you can follow her blog at    

Colleen is very authentic, funny, honest, and she deeply cares for others in need.

I want to share with you, a few pictures from this event...

a gorgeous arrangement on the table, located in the entryway of BVT chapel.

This table was designed by another one of my very good friends...Arlene Taylor..
Beautiful table!

Lovely in Pink!!!

I thought this centerpiece was unique and so lovely...

For all my bird-loving friends...check out this arrangement...the florist did an excellent job suspending the bird cage from the tree branches..

And....these dishes....absolutely gorgeous!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these photos of my fun-filled day.

Blessings Y'all



Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Beautiful and inspiring event! For a wonderful program. Thank you for sharing with us! blessings ~ Tanna

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The decorations and fancy plates is enough to make me wish I had been there. The speakers would have been a wonderful bonus. Thanks for sharing these images.

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