Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, March 19, 2012

Five Secrets......

Good Morning.... It's gonna be a rainy day here!

Today's topic: 5 "Secrets of an addicted Blogger"

1.  I spend way TOO much TIME on my computer.

     Oh, I have things that I need to be doing, but I am guilty of
     spending EXTRA time on my computer instead of doing 
     housework.  No one would even notice if they were to stop
      by for an unexpected visit, but I certainly know the things 
      that I am neglecting...I know how many hours I spend 

2.  I'm not always prepared.....

     Just as in all the things that we do in life, there are times 
      when we fail at being totally prepared. 
       I'm not one that     plans out my
      blog, weeks in advanced.  A lot of times, I have these great
      ideas for blog topics, but I'm not fully prepared, because I
      have not researched the topic nor  have I committed myself       
      fully by having pictures or interesting visual aids.

3.   Sometimes WE need a break.......

      Blogging is fun, but it can be a job!  Every person needs a 
      vacation from their daily jobs, and just like an 8 to 5 job....we 
      bloggers need vacations as well....I need to take time, and I
       need to realize that my faithful followers (those that 
       appreciate my friendship and my words) will be there when
       I get back... I come! I wish!

4.   Not all of us are really tech savvy!

       Oh yes, anyone can write a blog, but it does take a little 
       knowledge in understanding some of these widgets, 
       gadgets, and buttons.....I really have a lot of learning to do!
       I just have fun and if I goof up....I try to fix it!  If I can't fix
       what I have done, then I call the kids!

5.    Writing topics.....

       Oh yes....many of us need (secret) blogs...(unidentified 
        blogs) that our family and friends cannot connect to us.
        Many times we have  words that we would love to
        write about, but cannot freely do so, because we fear 
        that many would think we are crazy!  Hmmmm 
        many of us really do have SECRET blogs??

And now you know!!


Shug ~


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I have been so tempted to start a secret blog!!! I need some place to vent! Can't even do that on Facebook anymore. Oh well. Yes, I spend too much time on my computer, on my blog, reading blogs, on Facebook, etc. Thanks for making me confess! Enjoy your day!

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Very cute post!


Connie said...

No secret blogs here. I am very fortunate to have a husband that I can share and blow off steam with . . . even if the steam is coming from his side of the family. Most of my heated steam is totally from my side though. Yes, I do get lost on the computer, going through my favorite blogs. It's easy when there are so many creative minds out here in cyber space. Thanks for your witty post and have a great vacation. Come back all sun tanned and rested. Your fan and follower, Connie ........Come pay we a visit, my welcome mat is always out.

Ginny said...

Your first picture of the pink flowers, be still my heart!!! Are they yours? Your header screams SPRING!!! These tips are so true!!

Pam said...

Nice post! No secret blogs here---I pretty much speak my mind and don't need one, I guess. I can get lost on the computer easily and spend too much time on it. It's a wonderful thing. ;)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I could add my name to this post. I tend to spend too much time at the computer.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great post, Shug. Blogging is so much fun and so is Facebook. BUT--I just don't have time to do either of them justice these days. That's why I only blog 3 days a week now... You are right: we all do need breaks.

I don't think I would ever have a Secret Blog --but I am careful what I say all of the time ---not knowing who in my life is reading!!!!


Debbie said...

A secret blog, huh? That's actually not such a bad idea. I had a "trial" blog before I opened up my current one, but I don't have a secret blog.

Inside a British Mum's Kitchen said...

Yup - I can relate to all of the above - but it's SO much fun isn't it!!
Mary oxoxo

Anonymous said...

Sweet Shug! Boy I can certainly relate to everything you listed!

No secret blogs at the moment! Shhhh. :)

And! you are cordially invited to enter my Spring drawing.

link within

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