Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh What a Day!

After a day like yesterday, I definitely feel like I need to locate that cute little pink trailer and lock myself in it for a few days.......( photos today)

I had two grandchildren home from school.......SICK!  Tyler has fever, walking Pneumonia, a bronchial infection, and a terrible headache.  Tori, was home with a bad headache and tummy ache.  

Of course, It was a school day for Miss Mylee Jo, and she had to be at school by 9:30.  I dropped Mylee off, then rushed home to make sure the other two where doing OK...(don't really like to leave them alone when they are sick....even if Tyler is 16)

Stopped and picked up a few groceries in order to fix lunch for the two sick ones and then came home, to start my day in the kitchen.....

Cooked a delicious new soup for the fast that Sam and I are on!  It does not have a name, but one thing I know, it was very good....I have never cooked with Tofu or Humus, but I used them both in this soup.  Great flavor!

Had to have 3 dozen cookies made before lunch for Trista to pick up for the varsity boys basketball team.  Who doesn't love chunky chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies......
Let me tell you, this was pure torture for me!!  

Not only was I baking cookies and cooking soup, I had to fix lunch for the sick ones. Shug's homemade Mac n' cheese to the always makes them feel better.

Stopping Point....I created a stopping point, because I had to drive back into town to pick Mylee up from school....

Back home by 1:45 and it was back into the kitchen for me....
Time to finish baking the cookie dough that I had left over and time to start preparing the evening meal for my two sick babies.  I was basically in the kitchen all afternoon!
I guess I was making up for all the loss time of not being in the kitchen over these past few months.....

So, between cooking, baking, cleaning the kitchen, taking temps, measuring out meds, rubbing backs, constantly making sure that they had plenty to drink, running my taxi cab, keeping the vaporizer going, and all the other little things that go along with being a nurse, I was exhausted by the end of the day!

But didn't end there!  Oh no.....I had multiple problems with blogger.....Nothing but blank pages!  


Here I am today.....ready to take on whatever the day holds, because:               

When I have a need, I can focus my full attention on the goodness and greatness of our Heavenly Father rather than on the size of my needs.  Then suddenly I realize that my needs are so small compared to His ability to meet them....






Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Boy, I'm exhausted reading this! Whew. Your children and grandchildren are so blessed to have you there for them whenever they have a need. Hope everyone is feeling better today. God bless!

Debbie said...

It wore me out readin' it! :D Hope you don't come down with it too!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, you need a rest today!
I hope the kids feel better soon,
you are a good grandma, thats for certain, I'm having blogging issues as well,

Gert said...

Oh Shug I am exhausted just reading your post! What a blessing that you were able to do all this...just think of the memories you are making for those children!

So enjoy this day!


Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Good grief, I'm ready for a nap just after reading this. :o) What a great Grandmother you are and I do hope much appreciated.

I have my little Princess with me today and it's all fun and games. She isn't sick, I just wanted a day to make memories. She growing up so fast!

Blessings to you for a restful and relaxing weekend!

Chatty Crone said...

You poor baby - you worked so hard yesterday - hope you don't catch anything. And hope you get a nap today. Sandie

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yikes! I do hope that today was calm and quiet for you.

Ginny said...

You are making me very tired just reading this, now I must go and take a nap! I will say one thing, you do have such energy!!! The days are gone when I can even consider doing all this, I can barely make dinner, and don't even do that lots! But even after all this, you continue to shine on! Way to to, Shug! I am so sorry about the kids, and will say a prayer for Tyler, he sounds in bad shape. Everyone around here is sick! I have been on two rounds of anti-biotics and am now on a second round of steroids!

Country Dreaming said...

I hope all are better soon and that you don't pick it up!!!
Wash those hands!!
Stop by, I have someting fun goin on that you could help out with and the gradkids too.

Happy Weekend.


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh no I hope that the kids are feeling better. We have had a rough week too around here. Let's hope next week is better.

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