Saturday, December 17, 2011

Standing Up For the Nativity Scene

Good Morning.....

I wanted to take just a few moments to share with all of you, THE NEWS, that is being talked about in our area...

Many of you may have seen on your daily news channel, about the issues going on in Athens, Texas and the displaying of a Nativity Scene........

Athens is some 30 miles from our home town, and it is the County Seat of Henderson County, Texas.....

We have a beautiful old courthouse and as long as I can remember, the grounds have been decorated with lights, Santa house, and a nativity scene....NOW, there is a Wisconsin based organization that is protesting the nativity scene that HAS been displayed year after year on the courthouse lawn!!

The County just recently received a letter from
Freedom From Religion Foundation, stating that the
manager scene is the only seasonal display on the grounds and that it is an endorsement of the Christian religion and  therefore, UNCONSTITUTIONAL....

People are expected to gather on the lawn today at noon in SUPPORT   OF   THE   MANAGER   SCENE!!!!!!!

People beginning to gather on the square and the Courthouse lawn in SUPPORT of
keeping the Nativity Scene up!!!   WOO HOO!!!!

Things like this happen every single day, but just not
so close to home......OH WAIT.....things like this DO happen here at home!!  Yea, like PRAYER BEING REMOVED FROM THE SCHOOL DAY......

* * * * *

It is time that we all stand together and take back what we know this Country to have always stood on......which is the solid rock....the foundation of the Lord!!

I was reading from a site that allows people to share their thoughts about this particular topic of the manger scene being protested.....I was amazed at the remarks that were made by some non-believers!!

My prayers are that the Manager Scene WILL remain a part of the Christmas season.....on the courthouse lawn....

We can all do our part for speaking what should be rightly ours and that is to have the scene displayed....BUT< BUT...
we can each do something else as well......


Up and down the streets, all across town, all across the country, we can let our light shine through the displaying of the Manager Scene.....after all, this is what Christmas is all about!!

I must admit, I am not one that particularly likes all those santa , elfs, snowmen, etc, etc, etc, figures......out in my yard, but I WILL  be displaying a manger scene next year for sure!!

They....whoever they is.....can not stop us from displaying our beliefs in our OWN front yard, so I say, lets get going....lets
let that Nativity Scene be seen everywhere we go!!!

Stay Tuned....I'll let you know the outcome!!

Blessings today my friends...



  1. I heard about your county on the national news... Drives me crazy... Those Atheists from Wisconsin (or wherever) just need to mind their own business... Christmas is a CHRISTIAN holiday...

    Yes---we all---all across this nation--need to display a nativity scene next year for sure... Let's put them all across the country...

    We MUST stop allowing Christ and Christianity from being taken away from us.. Our country was founded on Christian beliefs...

    The Athiests are in a minority.. We need to take our country back!!!!

    Merry Christmas.

  2. I will be so glad to see how this turns out.All across our country and yours we seem to be so repectful to other religions and practises, where is the respect for us!So sad, I have our Nativity scene set up first of December ever year and proudly .

  3. This kind of thing gets worse and worse every year. I believe that Christians will become more and more persecuted, the bible says this. I wish they would just let people vote on this manger, but I guess it is now considered unconstitutional. So funny, since our founding fathers were Christians! Let us know what happens, but I guess it is doomed for removal.

  4. Amen Shug! You are right, we have got to let it be known that we will NOT stand for this. Thanks for a great post and for standing up for your convictions! Blessings!

  5. I do hope that the Christians will win this battle. So far we are not facing that same problem in my community,but who knows how long that will last.

  6. Hi Shug, these things make me furious! If we Christians don't start fighting back against the atheists and others who complain about the Nativity scenes and other expressions of Christian faith, I shudder to think what will happen to this country!
    Our own small town school does not allow Christmas trees any more nor are they saying "Christmas break". It's "winter break"! Sad, isn't it! I'm really ashamed to see how far things have gone in the other direction.
    I'm like you, I don't like a lot of stuff in my yard either. But I think a Nativity scene next year is a great idea!!
    I'll be interested to know the outcome at the courthouse. Be sure to let us know.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  7. Yep, take the and Bible and prayer out of schools, the 10 commandments out of the courthouses, and hide anything else that reminds people of the true and living God. And you can see the result in our decaying country. Very sad indeed.


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