Monday, December 19, 2011


What a glorious day it was yesterday, at Chandler First Assembly....

As one friend put it, our church was visited by "The King of Kings"
yesterday....God is always there, but it was as if He FILLED the heart of every single person that was at church on this beautiful Sunday morning.....

Our church is beautifully decorated for the Christmas season and
when you walk into the sanctuary, there is just such a awesome drawing to experience the peace and love that God offers to each of us....

The music was awe-inspiring!  Honestly, the song that our Pastor and his wife sang..."How Great Thou Art" lifted my heart and gave me such a renewed strength in the Lord!  I even had chill bumps!!!

And add to the day, we had our Church Christmas musical last evening....If anyone needed their battery recharged, this was the place to do it!  God WAS the source to get recharged and He used this program for us to do so......

What a season!!  Christ promises us a life of abundance, wholeness, and joy, but He does not force His joy upon us....We have the privilege of being able to claim His promises for ourselves.  When we claim His promises, Jesus, in turn, fills our spirits with His Love and His Hope, and His Strength....

I for one, am so thankful for my church and my church family...I am thankful that I was in attendance yesterday, and I am thankful that I was able to truly experience the celebration that God had in store.....

The Lord reigns; Let the earth REJOICE!
                                               Psalm 97:1

Keep Smiling today....let your light shine!

Shug ~


  1. Nothing stirs my heart and spirit more than a sanctuary filled with praise and singing. What a perfect song for this season. It's all about the greatness of our God. I wish I could have been there!

  2. I always love church in December especially. There is something extra special and I literally tear up during worship in Dec.

  3. I love to worship Christmas at church too - everything seems just right. sandie

  4. so important to remember the reason for Christmas and be thankful
    Mary x

  5. This is the time of year that churches really go all out to celebrate the birth of Jesus. As you know, I worked for the church for about 25 yrs...

    Christmas was a wonderful time of year --but as you can imagine, was exhausting for those of us on staff..I always took the week off after Christmas --to REST... ha


  6. How Great Thou Art has been on my lips for months now. For personal reasons I give myself up to his greatness on a daily basis. He has seen us through. I have faith.
    Merry Christmas and thank you for stopping by and leaving a nice comment!

  7. Your light is shining brightly, Shug!! Thank you! blessings ~ tanna


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