Sunday, September 25, 2011

Measuring Ourselves...

Oh My...Measuring Ourselves?? 
Do I even want to go there??? 

This is something that very few women want to do.....Oh sure, I wouldn't mind it, if my brains were attached to one of those size 4 bodies....'s not!!

Today I am not talking about the measurements of our body, such as in inches and pounds....No,..... I am talking about measuring our self worth.....

Self Esteem and Self Worth....these are the attitudes of respect or in some cases, the dis-respect, that we hold for ourselves.  It's realizing the true source of usefulness and value that we measure ourselves by....What is so important here, is that we Must not focus on our weaknesses, but only play to our strengths.  We need to stretch ourselves and dig deeper to see the values that are within us.

Values of honesty, purity, unselfishness, full of compassion, a willing spirit, kindness, seeing the glass 1/2 full or full....Seeing our own beauty from within, and not judging ourselves by what we see in the mirror.  Not by judging ourselves based upon our position in life....

Did you know that in God's eyes, we are a "Priceless Treasure."  We are objects of His infinite Love, therefore, our value is much greater than we can even imagine...

It is time.....TODAY.....for us to throw away the tape measures, the scales, or anything else that could cause us to measure ourselves based upon numbers or things of the world. 

Today...we need to take a long look inside at our attitudes.  We need to use this as a measuring tool to help us determine the changes that we must make in order for us to see that we are Women of God and that it is up to us to learn to be 
that priceless treasure...

 How we measure ourselves, is what our daughters and our granddaughters are
taking notes of....Be that example that can teach them, that we are loved by God and that we are His prized possessions...


shug ~


  1. Thanks. When I read in Psalm 139,that I am fearfully and wonderfully made,my mind knows this,but sometimes my heart doesn't feel it.I know I am loved by God.

  2. Think most of us don't like the "inner search" of ourselves...usually we don't like we is revealed. Good post, and tell your hubby to take care of his big toe!

  3. what a beautiful post,,

  4. What a great post...makes one really stop & remember just how much God loves "us"..just the way we are! smile...

    xoxo Gert

  5. Attitude is really so important. Great post with some much needed words.

  6. Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so!! Thanks for the reminder that our daughters and granddaughters learn from us!!

  7. So many people will forgive their friends and give them a break, but won't do the same for themselves. We are God's beloved, and he created us in His image. Great post!


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