Friday, September 2, 2011

Gotta Hit the Road

It's a Good, Sweet morning y'all.......I woke up this morning right here in Hot Springs, Arkansas....

Sam and I left yesterday morning, around 10:45, heading to Branson, Mo. 
Our first stop was only about 15 miles from home....We had to grab something for our tummy's....I guess you could call it brunch!!

Second stop....35 miles from home....Potty break!  

Third stop.....about 50 miles from home.....Verizon Store.
We discovered that we had left the car charger for our phones at home.....

4th....  a potty break @ a rest stop in Arkansas...(Now, this is a pretty good 
           stretch to wait for a potty break!  From Texas to Arkansas? Wow
5th......De Gray State Park office
6th..... De Gray State Park to check on some boat house rentals for next 
7th.....Office Depot, to look for a cable to my computer.  I didn't forget to pack
          the cable, it broke and I had to pick up another one.  (They didn't have

Arrived in Hot Springs at 6:00.  We only got lost one time and had to turn around.  This was because we missed a street to the hotel.  (One turn around!  Wow, this is good)

This is just a small example of what it is like to travel with us....No worries, No appointments, No deadlines!  I love it this way....we are in control of the time on this trip and it feels awesome....

No pictures yet, but I plan to have a lot for you to see,  later....

Today, there will probably be a lot of stops as me some Antiquing to do!  (and I am smiling about this)

It's time to hit the road....Holler at y'all tomorrow!!
Have a good Friday!

Shug ~


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to travel. I love it. Have a super time. Hugs, Marty

  2. I would love to have all the time in the world to travel. Sounds fun! Take care and be safe out there.

  3. I know and love Arkansas well....that's were i met my husband and had my first baby.I eloped to Eureka Springs and we had Lauren in Fayetteville. Funny how people are so often connected, isn't it? Enjoy the time with your hubby! Be safe.

  4. Jealous!!! Have Fun and I'm anxious to hear what you thought about De Gray State Park and if you found some antiques.

  5. I look forward to pictures and more stories, and cool antiques! Sometimes the best part is the journey, not the destination.

  6. I like your way of travelling.Why just rush along and miss the little things?

  7. You are a traveling gal these days... We're getting ready to 'hit the road' also soon... Hope you have a good time.

    We love driving --since like you, we can take our times...

  8. My hubby would die if we had to have that many stops. He likes to get there ASAP. It tell him to enjoy the journey and he says he will enjoy when he gets there. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  9. Be safe and have an amazing time!

    xoxo Gert

  10. ENJOY!! We'll look forward to those pictures! blessings ~ tanna


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