Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Take God With You!

What mountain are you facing?  How big is this mountain?

The Bible is a map to the path up the mountain....Each step, each foothold needs a firm foundation and the best way to assure that we have the footing that we need, is to be prepared by knowing God's word.  It is a must, that we prepare ourselves spiritually to face any hidden dangers.

Any mountain climber will tell us that there will always be bruises and cuts along the way.  Step after step, falling, sliding back only to regain our foothold which ends up forcing us to move and to pull harder.

Many paths will seem to be inviting.  These paths may pull at our heartstrings, but yet ahead there will be falls, cliffs, cracks and crevices that we are unable to see and these make the climb that much harder. 

So many of the mountains that we face these days seem to be so daunting and insurmountable.  This kind of mountain is constantly shouting "Impossible, overwhelming, frightening, I'm too great to overcome, I'm unbeatable."

The truth is......We can wake up each day and prepare ourselves for ANY mountain!  All it takes is putting on the whole armour of God.  No mountain climber is going to climb a mountain without putting on the proper gear.  They know the dangers and they go prepared.

We too, must do the same thing...We must push our way through the danger zones, we must press on.  It is very important to get rid of doubts and fears.  Do not carry around negative thoughts.  Do not carry around excessive baggage.

We must know the word of God and we must use it along the way...Praying and seeking God for direction.

The most important thing is this...We have to put the mountain in the hands of God...


Sweet Blessings.....



TDT said...

Thanks mom :) I needed to hear that today.

Farmchick said...

I always get the most positive words from your blog!

Karen said...

I really needed this today. Thank you so much. You have been a blessing my life. I am your newest follower. ~Karen

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Amen, Shug..... We need God with us at all times...

Ginny said...

Yes, very well said! We need to be girded with the word of God. Hope you have a great day, Shug!

Dar said...

Wonderful advise, Shug. Sometimes I forget and think I have to handle the tough moments alone...and then something always spurs me to remember that it's too much, turn it over to the Lord, and ya know what? No matter what the trouble, He has ALWAYS been there for me. I wish it for everyone. God IS the answer.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Advice, Shug... We always need to keep God with us.. George and I work hard to keep God at the CENTER of our lives.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Putting the mountain into God's hands.That is a powerful statement.I know I have to daily do this.

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