Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I think Its About To Get Cold

Well folks  it's been three days and I have had a blast.  I have tried to be the best nurse and the best executive assisstant that I could be but I think I am about to be fired.  especially after yesterday morning.
the meds are wearing off and i think upset is what set in yesterday morning.

shug wakes and decides she needs a shower and her hair has to be washed.  the first mistake i made was i didnt put enough soap in her hair.  in case you guys dont know it they have to have a lot more soap than we do.  her head is full of soap and all of a sudden the electric co decides we dont need lights so the lights go out.  only light we have is my cell phone. I was trying to hold the light and help her get the soap out of her hair. time for her to get out and just about the time she gets out my cell phone rings.  yal be the judge here.  as i see it i have two choices answer the phone or not answer the phone.  she is standing there freezin with her wet hair dripping water everwhere.  phone in one hand and towel in the other i was trying my best.  I was trying to take care of everything and then she says her head needs to be put up in a turban.  this is too much for me. I decided to answer the blooming phone.
the phone call only lasted seven or eight minutes and i knew she wouldnt freeze to death in that amount of time.  so i guess choice number one was a good one or was it?

i cant help it if the lights go out.  all i did was to answer the phone and try to dry her off at the same time..  thats what i call some muititasking.  well what yal think .  you think she will llet me go or keep me on.  if i am here tomorrow you will know .  thanks for the dig its.  today the word will be COLD

sam says shug sez
when will this get better


marshas said...

I know Shug appreciates you, but think you sould have let the cell phone call go - we're working on getting you men trained to take care of us - hope she doesn't put you out in the cold!!

Trish said...

I heard you all were having rolling black outs. I'm sure glad we aren't because it was -13 here this morning. :/ Tell Shug we're thinking of her!!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

It's sure cold here today...wind chill is minus 25. Hope it's not that cold at your house. Cute post! Shug, take care and get better soon, even tho it sounds like Sam is taking real good care of you.

gbearden125 said...

Only a COLD hearted man would answer his phone when his DEVOTED wife needs him!! Maybe Mylee needs to take over the nursing role.....hope Shug is forgiving on this one.

marshas said...

sam,as usual, i can tell that, you too, are not appreciated by those who were the very recipient of your tender care and goodness,,,with them it is called multi-tasking, with us it is called being uncaring and cold hearted,,,my only question,,is uhh,well, were uh,,both of you,,i mean did you get in the uhhh,,,is yalls shower uhh, i mean,,well you know,,,concerned and supportive as always,,bobby joe

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