Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Out With The Old...In With The New!

Jan. 2nd...2011

My days have been all mixed up....Yesterday did not seem like a normal Saturday and today does not feel like Sunday....

How are Saturdays and Sundays suppose to feel?
Well, I don't know but it certainly doesn't feel right to have a lazy Saturday! 

My sweetheart is not feeling well....We stayed home all day yesterday hoping that he would get to feeling better.  Bad cough and Bad cold!  I fixed him some hot tea with lemon and honey and tucked him in bed at 6:30 p.m......

With Sam not feeling well and us being home all day, I have had a lot of time to reorganize our home...The book shelves are now empty and a lot of the stuff that I had out before the holidays is now packed away...waiting for another season and time....Did I mention I love change??

Here are the things I have come up with that I think will carry me through (At least for a month or maybe two.)

A Perfect chair for a Perfect Spot..

Light......There must be light in every room!

My two favorite colors.....Always Crisp and Clean!

Something Great to Dress up the Kitchen!


There are always those favorite things that you're not quite ready to say goodbye to.

I love this painting and it looks great hanging in our living room for about three months out of the year. It's almost time to say goodbye to the "Painter of Light"

This was a Christmas gift given to me from Taylor.
I love the words...Now I need to find the perfect place for it
to hang in our home...

I am so excited to add new colors everywhere. 

I love changing things around.  I think it adds a little extra zeal to my already HAPPY life!

Now....let me get busy and get this place in order.

Please add Sam to your prayer list and.....

Enjoy the Blessings of this day!

Shug Sez...

Life is what you make of it....I hope you choose Happiness.....


marshas said...

You are always up to something and do such a good job!! Hope Sam feels better soon - maybe the celebration was too much for him!!

Country Dreaming said...

It is always good to "freshen" things up.
Sorry Sam is under the weather. Lots a hugs will help. :)


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