Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What A Predicament

........You all Know how much I love my Red Bug!  I honestly can say that TODAY, if I had to choose between my little Red bug and a big luxury vehicle, I would definitely choose the BUG....

I can zip and zap anywhere.  It has seat warmers, so I can ride with
the top down and still be warm!!  Woo Hoo!....

Another thing is that it never runs out of gas...This little Red thing with
four wheels just keeps on going..    Hey, If I drop something, NO WORRY....I can reach everything in this here Mo-Bill

But......I must admit, you need to
be very careful ....especially when
the top is down! thing is for sure..
 you don't want to be caught in a situation
like the one Sam and I had a few weeks ago......

We were going to the Book Store and just before we approached the
intersection, the light turned RED.....So here we are, in the middle lane, heading
straight and all of sudden we have to stop.  Cars are on all sides.....    In front of us, Right there on
Broadway, it was non-stop traffic........What could we do?
We certainly could not go anywhere...

Up until then, Sam and I had both been enjoying the evening....Top down, nice weather, and just a super great evening.....Then we hear this chirping noise and when we look up........
There were hundreds of birds on the power line just above us.  

What a predicament......

Do you have any idea what birds do when they fly off?  All I could picture was big white drops
in my car, on our heads....Everywhere!

Wouldn't you know, that particular light was one of the longest red lights we have ever had to sit through.  Needless to say, we quickly pushed that little black button that makes
the top come up....I'm telling you, it was a close one and for me, that top could not go up fast enough. 

The light finally turned Green and boy did we take off....

NOW know why everybody was staring at us..
But....needless to say, we made it without one single splatter of

Shug Sez.........

Always be aware of things around you....You just never know what Might hit you on the head!!


TDT said...

FUNNY! I can just see ya'll sitting there wondering what you were going to do :) Thanks for sharing this funny story. loves

gbearden125 said...

We had a similar experience when Ben had his Miata convertible. He was still traveling a lot and I always picked him up at DFW. This particular time the day was really pretty so I decided to go to the airport in the Miata. All was well until we got the the I35/I30 area & it started raining....we didn't have a button to push....we manually reached back & pulled the top up. Luckily we were able to do that with no incidents, but you have to be ready for any "Mother Nature" happenings! Have a GREAT rest of the week & go easy on my brother-in-law!!!

Country Dreaming said...

Woo--that was a close one!!
No poopy on the cutie bug--yucky!!


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