Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Glorious Day

Today is a new and glorious day.....I took my friend Katharine's advice and I must say it was wonderful....

I used every Kleenex that was softly folded inside the  little box that was dressed in such bright colors. 

I quietly slipped outside and found myself a nice seat in the rocking chair that sits on our porch.  As I closed my eyes, I was able to forget  about all of the unpleasant thoughts that had been invading my mind for days. 

I'm really not sure if I drifted off to sleep or if I just allowed myself to daydream for what seemed to be hours.
I remember hearing a bird sing a beautiful melody and I also remember the gentle breeze that seemed to whisper throughout the tree tops.  And then, it happened......I was far away.

There is nothing like the peaceful sound of a river as the crystal clear water rushes across the rocks.  I would catch glimpses of leaves as they fell so softly into the stream.  Each one was brushed with a stunning array of color and they were crowned with a brilliant hue of crimson red.

I could hear a rustle in the leaves on the banks of the river as squirrels chased after one another.  They were playing a game of tag and would dare one another to climb to the highest limb that hung out across the water. 

There were flowers everywhere that displayed a riot of color.  Black eyed Susan, Asters, chrysanthemums and the beautiful orange colored Sarabande rose whose fragrance is almost spellbinding... 

What a wonderful place to be.....Radiant joy was all around me and I could feel the crowning glory of Autumn as it encircled me with such a peace of mind.....

It seems that nature is a magnificent doctor for the soul.

Shug Sez......
I say Thank You Katharine for your kindness  and Thank You to the Brilliance of Autumn for helping me find a place of rest.  I look forward to this fabulous day......


Katharine said...

Blessings on a brand new, beautiful, Autumn day! :)

marshas said...

Glad you had that great experience and today is a new day!!!

bj said...

I hope this bright autumn day is filled with pleasures for you to enjoy, Shug.

Thanks so much for stopping by..

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