Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Ghoul's" Night Out......

Am I late this morning or what?   Must have something to do with the hours I kept last night...
A group of us "Girls" (that graduated from High School together) spent the evening enjoying a

"Ghoul's Night Out!".................

I can tell you that we "Brewed" up quite a bit of laughter.......

I would like to introduce you to the gang.....

This is Agatha....She is the shy type of witch that hides behind the scenes...But, none the less, she can be a little sneaky!!

You had better watch out for this one......ESTELE!  Oh my, she  will cast a spell on you so fast, you honestly will not even know what happened to you......WATCH OUT....

I wouldn't worry about Ashia....She is all smiles and she wouldn't even step on a flea.....By the way....She loves Turtles, so you won't find any turtles in her "Stew"

Now.....Vesta....Let me tell you about her....She is a "Joke-ster"
I have some good advice for you on this one....WATCH YOUR BACK..
She loves to play all kinds of funny tricks on people!!

Rosina.......She has a lot up her sleeve....My best description of this one is "Socially Gregarious."  No stranger will come her way.
Very Vibrant I would say!

And then you have Selena.....She is the "Sweetest" of them all. 
She is so warm and loving.  I would say she is a "Sweet Pea"
kinda the cream of the crop!!

Lots of Laughter, Prizes, and a lot of great friendship is what we had.....Can't wait until next year to celebrate our annual "Ghoul's Night Out"

Come Scibbity scobboty scabbaty scoo

The six naughty witches are making a stew
Agatha, Estele, Ashia, Vesta, Rosina, and Selena May
Are making this stew for your dinner today
It's what's in the pot that makes it so nice
Worms, spiders and beatles and earwigs and lice
Are but just some of the delicious few
That make up the flavour of the witches stew
Now, hold out your dish and close your eyes
Your in for a treat and the greatest surprise
This slimy green mixture adoring your plate
Smells really quite nice and tastes really just great.
If you don't believe me then try some and see
You're welcome to seconds, help yourself, please feel free
Now that your dinner has filled a big hole
You can't lick no more from the sides of your bowl
Your ankles are full right up to your tummy
Your knees are knocking and looking quite funny
Your nose is hanging right down to your chin
Gracious me! Now your ears are having a spin
Come scabbaty scobboty scibbity scay
Now is the time to call it a day
The witches are snoring and nodding their heads.
Lock your doors, turn your lights out, hop into your beds

Shug Sez........

The Language of Friendship is not words, but meanings!!

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marshas said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time - Loved the story - How do you come up with this stuff???

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