Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reduce Inventory

Good Morning !   This has been a fast and very busy morning, but I am so glad you stopped by....I pray that your day will be filled with much joy and happiness........
Today was reduce inventory day.....For breakfast, I took the bananas that were too ripe to eat and made some super delicious Banana Nut Bread. 

Nobody likes to eat plain bread that's getting a little stale, so I whipped out the butter and cinnamon and was able to serve up some great tasting Cinnamon Toast. 

And then, just for my grandson Trey (who loves those little chocolate muffins that you can buy at the store), I made chocolate muffins with tiny chocolate chips in them....The total cost for the muffins was less than $3.00.  The box that comes from the grocery store has about 4 little bags in each box and the cost is $3.99.  Not only did I save money, but I have at least 3 dozen extra muffins!  I say WOW to that!

At Shug's house, you have to be ready for anything that might pop up.  Today for example, I am taking Tucker to the Doctor.  Looks like we might have a sinus infection trying to set in on us.  
After the doctor's visit, I'll take Tucker back to school and then Mylee and I need to run back into town...I need to take care of  several errands that I already had planned to do. (Grocery shopping for sure....especially since I reduced inventory today)  I also know that Tucker needs to be back in class if at all possible..... I figure what's an extra 40 miles of driving...that's nothing for me and my little red bug.

You know what? .....I consider myself very Blessed.   I am able to stay home everyday and help take care of the kids. When one of the kids are sick, they have a comfortable place to stay or if I need to run them in to see the doctor, I can.   If the girls need something done, then I am able to help them.  If Sam needs me to pick something up for him, then I am usually available to help him out.  When our parents need something, I can help take care of their needs. 

I am happy in being able to do the things I do and that is what counts......Hope you have a Blessed day!

Shug Sez.......

God has gifted me in some very unique ways in order that I might be a blessing to those who need me.....


marshas said...

I know your family is so grateful for all you do and you are blessed to be able to help out in all areas. Maybe I'll put your name on my list in case I need some help - Have a great day!!

Mom on the go said...

And today "reduce inventory" breakfast was delish!!! Mom made one of my favorites too, bananna nut bread!!! Thanks mom for all you do!

Mary Margaret Scott said...

I know your family is so appreciative of you. They are blessed to have you. God Bless!~

bj said...

So glad you can stay home...I always did, when my kids were little. I worked in between them leaving home and grandkids. When that first little baby boy was born..I RETIRED...:))

Your banana nut bread looks so good..It's one of my favorites. I just saw Sausage Balls on your sidebar so of COURSE I am hungry for those now..:)

Holly said...

You have a great outlook! Hope Tucker is feeling better.

gbearden125 said...

It's nice to get paid by blessings to others isn't it? Makes you feel much better than money....blessings are memories! Good thing Mylee is a good little traveler.

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