Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where oh Where did the Summer go?

I simply can not believe that this time is here .  Back to School Time!.....

Where Oh Where did the Summer go?  I have no Clue.  Seems that just a few weeks ago, the kids were excited about it being the last day of school.

I remember when I was in school (a few years ago.)  Our Summers lasted a long time.  School never started before September 3rd, and we were always out by the middle of May....If you stop and think about it, that is another whole month of being out for the Summer.  I also can remember when our girls were still in school.  Mounds of paper work would come home with them on the very first day ...  I had to sign my name so many times and by the time I was finished, my signature looked as if two different people had signed the paper work.  Surely, ... by now, it is all done with just one click on the computer....

Tori, Taylor, Tucker and Carson


My grandkids came by yesterday morning for our usual back to school picture.  They were all in a bit of a hurry, so I was not able to take a picture of them all together like I usually do. Some were just getting here while the others were leaving....... I was actually a little sad yesterday.  Tyler is now in High School and I didn't have the opportunity to see him or give him my high five for the day.  He rode to school with his dad who teaches at the High School.  Sure hoping it's not this way every day!

Trey still makes me laugh every day....He came in yesterday morning and the very first thing he said to me was "Sugar, take a picture of my shoes."  You would think this child never gets new shoes!  The truth is, he loves new shoes.  When school was out, he came in and the first thing he said was "Sugar, look at my new shoes...they are still clean."

This is Mylee and Trey with their back packs!


Tori.....3rd grade

Carson.....4th grade

Tucker.....6th grade

Trey....2nd grade


Mylee...Shug's school

I love seeing all my grandchildren every single day.....I'll be glad when school gets out!!

Have you ever stopped to think about your child's education?  Just a couple of weeks ago, I was sharing with one of my dear friends about how Blessed our kids are.  We were on a small trip together and we saw some schools that were in desperate need of being replaced.  I am very proud that we live in an area where the people care about the education of our children.  They care about the conditions of the schools where our kids are spending most of their day.  Even the older people of the community want the best for all of our children.  We all know that a good education is essential for the growth of our communities and our Country.

We all need to be involved in helping our school systems be the best that they can be.  Not only  for the kids attending school now, but for the students of the future as well.  Take time to be involved, take time to let your children and grandchildren know that you care about their education and their future.  Be proud of your school, be proud of your administrators and support the educators of your school.

Can't wait for my grandchildren to get here this morning....The menu is:  Sausage Balls and juice!


Support your kids...Help them to be all that they can be!!


gbearden125 said...

First, Happy Birthday to you! Thankful you have such a good relationship with your grands...lots of grandparents don't. You're making memories for them that will last a lifetime. What is Mylee's curriculum consisting of this year?

marshas said...

So this is the big BIRTHDAY - Hope you have a great day - Loved your school blog and the pictures. Appreciate your support and reminding others to support the schools. The board did call a 27 million bond proposal last night to be on the November ballott. Need everyones help to get it passed!!!!

Mom on the go said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best mom. I hope you are having the perfect day with Mylee!! I told her to make you feel special since we have to be at school today.
Love the kids with their backpacks on anxious for school.
And wouldn't it be wonderful if the bond passed and our kids could have the opportunity to be educated in a new or remodeled building.

Country Dreaming said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Country Dreaming said...

Let's try again---shall we???

Congrats and Good Luck to all your teachers and students, may the have the BEST year ever!

Happy Birthday to YOU!
Have a wonderful one.


Mary Margaret Scott said...

I didn't know it was your birthday today, but I hope it is a happy one!!!

I had to comment today because I absolutely LOVE your post! My oldest will start kindergarten next year and I pray that by then we will be in the process of building and renovating our schools. There is such a desperate need for it and the kids deserve it!

And P.S. - You would think that there wouldn't be alot of forms to fill out nowadays, but I sent a huge stack home today with my 7th graders to bring back!

amip17 said...

I hope you had a super birthday!!! I love the pictures of the kiddos with their backpacks. What a great idea to take this kind of pic each year. You're a great grandmother. I know your grandchildren appreciate you!!!

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