Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chatting Me

Good Early Saturday Morning to you from right here in East Texas.....Thought I would share some of our Summer Heat with you this morning!  It is so HOT outside and we really need some rain. Grab yourself a good ol' cup of coffee and join me on the porch and LET"S DO SOME TALKING.....

First of all, I am so thankful that our city well #4 is fixed and working...We were not able to water outside this week and my plants were beginning to suffer!  I love to water my plants and to see them so thirsty was painful.....

I got up very early yesterday morning and got all spiffed up.  Had to make a trip to get my DL renewed.  Wanted to make sure that my picture was going to be decent...The last one that I had made was awful...One of those pictures that you don't want anybody to see! know how often we all have to dig out our license to be seen by all kinds of strangers.  And, it's not like I just had that picture for three or four years.  NO, I was good enough that they let me renew them online and for that reason, I have had the same picture for eight years.  A person can change a whole lot in eight years.  Can't you just hear the thoughts of a salesperson when they look at you and then look at your DL picture?

Then....I was thrilled...My personalized license plates came in...YEP, I now have my red bug with        SHUG*6       on the front and the back....I must say, I love how they turned out...

Do you need to grab another cup of coffee?

I made this simple but oh so good pie yesterday....
If you need a QUICK dessert, then try this one...

Two 8 oz. packages of cream cheese / softened

Add a 16 oz container of cool-whip
and blend until smooth

Add 3/4 cup of Powdered Sugar
Blend well

Divide evenly into Two Ready made Graham
cracker crust pie plates


Add any fruit topping of your choice.....

This is almost too simple!


Carson's Birthday Party was a lot of fun last night...
We were honored to get to go see Mr. Chucky Cheese himself!

Carson was thrilled...Some of the other kids
gave him all of their tickets and you wouldn't
believe this huge bag that he had.  Because he was the birthday guy, he got to get inside the ticket blaster.  You step inside and this huge gush of air is swirling all around you.  You get to grab as many coupons as you can.  Carson was stuffing them in pockets and down his shirt.  I think he was able to catch enough coupons  that  they  amounted to a little over 1000 tickets....How nice was that?


Gonna be a slow, kinda laid back weekend around here.  Too Hot
to do anything.   Looking forward to next weekend...
We are going to make a trip with several of our friends down to
Lafayette, Louisiana.  Can't wait to enjoy some good Cajun food, do a
little shopping and just have fun with friends.

Well, that's the happenings around here.  Hope you will stop back by this week to visit me.  Got some great things coming up like classic cars, phones and a few surprises.....


Enjoyed your visit....Hope you have a safe and happy weekend!


Katharine said...

Morning Shug,
Thanks for the coffee! Sounds like lots of fun going on in your corner of the world! Blessings on your day!

Pam said...

You've got a great blog! Carson is a doll and that pie looks great! I envy you and all the good Cajun food! Hope you have a great time!

Country Dreaming said...

A very nice visit. Lots of fun going on your way. I'm sure the new plates now make the car!

Come by soon--we'll have tea. :)


Good to be a Queen said...

Morning Shug, I enjoyed my morning cup of coffee with you and this wonderful recipe as well...As far as the heat goes, I feel you pain..Georgia is hot and dry as well..Great post my friend and I hope you enjoy you weekend.

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