Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shug aka, Sugar

I knew that being a GRANDMA was not for me!

I can remember when Sam and I first found out that we were going to be grandparents.   This was such an exciting time, until it came time for me to say "I'm going to be a Grandmother"

Like, Ok...I know I'm grand, but I don't want to be called Grandma!  I didn't want to be a Granny, or a Maw....Of course, there are hundreds of names.

Maw, Maw.....Nana....Nanny...Big Momma...Gran...
Grandmother....Grand maw....Mam, Maw.....Nina....
Mimi.....Granny P......Me, Maw,  and numerous other names. 

But, non of these names fit me.....I tried out a few, but I just couldn't handle them.  When Tyler was born, he started  calling me Sugar Bugger!  A cute name....don't you think?   I really kinda loved it....As he got a little older, he dropped the Bugger and started calling me Sugar.

This is a name that fit me perfectly....Who wouldn't want to be called something sweet?    When Tyler and Tucker were in elementary, I worked at the school as the Library teacher......Not only did they call me Sugar, but every kid in the school called me Sugar.  These kids are now older, but when I see one of them, they still call me Ms. Sugar...

Well, Tyler is now 14 and going into High School....He still calls me Sugar at times, but for the most part it is Shug....  I now have two or three grandchildren that call me Shug and for the others, it is Sugar.

Shug, Sugar.......They are both sweet names.  I always answer to both.  I love Sugar (the white kind too) because it reminds me of when they were little.  I guess it would probably be my preference....But I know that when they are in front of their friends, that they prefer to call me Shug... doesn't matter, as long as they don't drop the Sugar and just call me Bugger!!

Shug..aka:  Sugar..............

Add some sweetness into your never know where it will take you!

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Yes....My Grandkids Rock

Yes....My Grandkids Rock