Friday, June 25, 2010

Wrinkle Free or Where Will They Be?

What if you could choose where you want your wrinkles to be?

Do you think this is a silly question?  Maybe it's NOT!

As we age it is quite obvious that a day will come when we all will

get our first wrinkle.  Actually, most all babies have them when

they are born.  As they start to grow, those little wrinkles turn

into good healthy skin. 

How nice it would be if the only wrinkles
we ever had were those we have when we are first born. As we grew older, the wrinkles would disappear and our
skin would become firm and we would stay totally wrinkle free FOREVER!

That would be so cool..It would be GREAT!!

But, as we all know, that is not the way it happens.  Wrinkles

are what happens.  People everywhere are paying big dollars

to have facelifts, tummy tucks, botox, breast implants, and

anything else that can make them look and feel young.   This is a

billion dollar business.  Enormous amounts of money are being spent

on wrinkle free products and just think of the money the doctor's

make.  We all know that wrinkles are not something that are easy to

ignore.  We simply can not pretend that we don't see them when we

look in the mirror.  Wrinkles are just a way of life as you age.

However, we can choose some of the places that our wrinkles are

going to appear.  It depends on our reactions in life.  Do we go

around with a frown on our face all the time?  Do we smile ever

chance we get? I want my wrinkles to show that I have a lot of

positive expressions in my life.  Since I know that I am going to

someday have them,  then I want to have what is called

 Smile Wrinkles.  I definitely do not want my

face to exhibit wrinkles caused by frowning all the time.  NO



I hope that the only wrinkles I get are from having lots of JOY in

my life.  When my grandchildren look at my face and ask,  "Shug

what happened to your face."  I want to be able to proudly tell

them, "I smiled too much"


Let your wrinkles tell the story of your life.  Smile a lot!

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