Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Learning to Spit

Just a little funny for today.....   Have I lost my mind?  Why am I taking a picture of
a drop of spit on the concrete?  Well, this isn't just any old spit....

Seems that Mylee Jo has been hanging out at the ballpark a little too much lately.  Tyler, Tucker, Carson and Trey having all been playing a lot of ball and what is it that boys do when they get up to bat?  They spit...I don't know why, but they just do.  Maybe it is something they have seen other ball players do, or perhaps it is because their dad's tell them to do it...

Thursday of this past week, Mylee and I were in the house and as I was taking her to the potty, I noticed that she spit on the tile floor.  I quickly told her not to do that again.  We went on about our business, but I noticed she did it a couple of more times outside.  This is our finger nails polished, toes polished, always a bow in the hair, little 2 year old granddaughter.   What is up with her doing such a thing?

Last night at the ballgame, she showed us many things she has learned at the ballpark.  One was that she now knows how to play with bugs.  Shanda made the comment, "She is not suppose to play with bugs, she is a little girl."  She was having fun!   Then, here she came with No shoes on.  She had dumped those flip flops and was running across the cement completely barefoot.  Shanda again could not believe what she was seeing.  She is one of these moms that comes prepared to the games.  Her bag is full of sanitizers, wipes, bandaids, neosporin, hairbrush, sunscreen and etc....ect...    I could see stress headache written all over her face.   Of course, Mylee was not through showing us all the things she has picked up on lately.  She showed her mom what the boys do.  We were all sitting there and all of a sudden she spit on the ground.  (That is her spit in the picture above)  It was so innocent and you could tell she loved her new thing!

Her Pops loved it and I will have to say it was a bit funny.  I know it is gross to see people spit, but for some reason this little pile of  (read closely)  SPIT was not gross at all. 

Oh the adventures of ballpark living...  Just makes life fun!!

Enjoy your day and all the Blessings the Lord gives you!!

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