Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pet Peeves

It is True.....We all have pet peeves..

Even the Best of us have pet peeves.  You know those little things that annoy us.

I decided to jot mine down and see if they really merit being on my list.

1.)  Grocery carts with bad wheels.......
        Oh yes, there is nothing worse than having a cart full of groceries and        
        struggling to push the thing to the check out counter.  

2.)  People Blowing their nose at the dinner table......
        How disgusting!  Totally ruins my meal. Excuse yourself and go to the 
        restroom, PLEASE.

3.)  Chomping Ice.........
        If you are determined to show how strong your teeth are, then go bite 
         something that does not require noise.  A constant chomp, 
         chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp can be hard on the nerves.  You get the picture.

4.)  Popping Gum........
        Oh my,  what is the purpose?  Drives me nuts.  You should record yourself 
         sometimes and you too would see how senseless this is.

5.)  Junk mail..........
       I know this must be a pet peeve to many in my community.  Each time I go to
        the post office, 3 trash cans are filled with this unwanted paper waste.  
        And that is usually by 9:30 in the morning.  This is something that needs to
        be first on the list of those active in saving the earth.

6.)  Drive thru fast food places.......
        If I order a drink with EXTRA ice, I don't want to drive off and find myself
        with a drink that has maybe 5 little cubes of ice in it.  If you are not allowed
        to put extra ice in your drinks, then tell me then.  Don't let me wait until I am already pulling out to find out you have a ice policy.
7.)  Spitting on the ground.....
         Do you think someone wants to see your enormous pile of saliva come thrusting
          out of your mouth onto the ground.  Germs? I do believe so...And who wants to
          step in it?

8.)  Trash being tossed out onto my yard....
         I am one of those that takes pride in their yard and I don't want to wake up
         each morning and find all kinds of trash in my yard.  It's messy and heaven
         only know where that person's hands have been before they decided to chunk 
         their nasty waste in my yard.  I don't save or collect beer bottles, I'm not 
         interested in being your garbage lady, and I certainly do not want your left
         over chicken!!

9.)  Cigarette Smoke......
        This is probably my biggest pet peeve...If a person wants to smoke, then I 
         feel that it is their business.   But,,,,, if there are signs that say "Designated 
          Area To Smoke"  ....................  
         (Especially at a community ballpark that is built for children, or any other 
          place where children are present)  then please respect others and go to that    
         area.  This is now even a bigger issue for me since I have a grandson that
         has had leukemia.  Cigarette smoke is very harmful to children with life 
         threatening diseases. I believe that if you are big enough to make a 
         decision to smoke, you should be big enough to respect that their are
         people (children) that do have health issues and do not need to breath the
         smoke from your choice of habit.    Please learn to read and excuse yourself    
         to the desiginated area for smokers.  You will be HELPING 
      and not HARMING the health of others.

After evaluating my list, I can now say that all 9 of these pet peeves DO merit being on my list....

Hope you have a Blessed day and thanks for letting me
share my pet peeves with you....It is not my intentions to cause anyone's blood pressure to rise over the things in life that bother me.  If in fact you find yourself slighty on the defensive over a statement that I have made, then please  know that I do realize I have annoying habits as well. 

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