Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fairy's....Fairytales... We have all had those sweet moments in time when an erosion of excitement overwhelmed us,  at the mere thought of seeing a Fairy.  You know the tiny little thing that has wings and perhaps pointed can fly here and there and everywhere.   Who of us has not longed to escape to a magical land where fairy's live and stardust sparkles in their soul? 

When I was young... with each tooth lost, I knew the "Tooth Fairy"  would be coming for a visit.   This was such an enormous event in my small and wishful mind.   Although, I was always terrified of having a tooth pulled, I secretly longed for the magical moments and the wonderful imagination of being awakened by tiny flakes of stardust, as it bounced from off of my face.

Just yesterday....this sweet, precious thing.....lost a tooth!

She was at Shug's house when she pulled it and she had been so excited all day long....for her mom to get home so that she could show her the empty spot where the tooth had been.

Pulling the tooth was no problem for this 9 year old.  

Once her mom was home.....Mylee sat down beside her and was telling her all about pulling the tooth, and her expectation of the tooth fairy coming.....Excitement was all around her!  After all...the Tooth Fairy would be coming soon!

And that is when it happened.   Mylee looked into her mom's eyes and said:  "tell me there really such thing as a tooth fairy"
"The kids at school say that there is no such thing!"

What does a parent do when your child looks you in the eyes and say's...TELL ME THE TRUTH?

Shanda began to tell her that there really is not a tooth fairy and how it was her and Mylee's dad that had been taking her teeth each time she lost one, and placing money under her pillow.     

For Mylee, there was no happy ending in this fairytale!

Her heart was broken and tears started flowing down her cheeks....
Oh how I wish it had been fairy dust falling from those precious cheeks...instead of tears.  My heart was broken as well. 

Shanda explained to her that was going to be up to her (Mylee) to keep the secret.   That there would be other kids at school (younger than her) who still believed that there was a tooth fairy.   Mylee would now have to be one of those bigger kids that would enjoy watching others have all the imagination that she once had.   

It is very hard watching them grow up and finding out that these make believe people/fairy's are not real.   One thing that was made clear was that even though we don't see Jesus in human form.....That HE is REAL.  No fairytales....No fairy's....
Only the truth.  

God is REAL.



Ginny Hartzler said...

The process of becoming a grownup is hard, isn't it? But still, the truth is always better! I am proud of Shanda for the way she handled it. And at the same time, she let Mylee know that she was now the keeper of an important secret, along with the older kids.

Michelle said...

Shanda sounds like such a good mom. It is hard when our children start to grow up!

Ruth Hiebert said...

What a blessing to know that Jesu has always been real and will always be real.

Ida said...

Well I suppose telling her the truth was hard both for mom & for her. It was good though she encouraged her to help keep the secret for other little children. Coleen is 12 and still believes in Santa (although I secretly suspect she has an idea that he's not real) and she still leaves teeth for the tooth fairy. Life is hard when you start growing up.

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