Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

There is just something totally awesome about gazing at the Stars, on a clear night.   How Beautiful they are!!  It is by the touch of the Master's hand that we have the great universe to admire.  

Many times....I have looked up and it is as if the Stars are speaking to me!  NO...NOT LITERALLY...but they have a way of completing my awareness of just how great God really is.  

Funny thing.....I google stuff all the time, and when I typed in Stars, the unexpected came up.  Since when did the "Stars in Hollywood" take precidence over the universal stars?  

What makes one a Star?  Fame? OR Beauty?  I posted today on my Facebook...."Why set your sights on a star of known Brightness, when you can create a STAR of your own Brightness?"

Meaning:  We do not have to live our lives trying to be like someone that (we believe) to be a Star!  We can create inside our own self....A person who truly is a STAR and who has Star qualities. 

Beauty from within....Honesty, love, compassion, Acceptance, Joy,    Integrity, Respect, Loyalty....

Each of these traits creates a star that shines much brighter than any other star whose light becomes dim because of their actions!!!  

Just my simple thoughts for the day....hope you all can relate to what I'm saying here.


Have to share this little comic photo that I sent to Tyler just yesterday... He had a good laugh...thinking that his Shug might get her a TAT!!!'s been a great day and I hope that all of you continue to enjoy this beautiful day that the Lord has made...



Ruth Hiebert said...

This truly is the day the Lord has made.I have had a good day,in part because I decide that I would make it a good day.I love looking up into the starry sky.When I do I remember the verse in Genesis 1,where it says,'and he made the stars also'. To me that sounds like it was no big deal to throw out a handful of stars and make the beauty we marvel at.That is just like our God.

Pam said...

Well now I know what to do with my flabby arm! :-) Too funny!
I've always been fascinated by the stars in the sky and how God made it all, the beautiful moon and all the rest.
You're right on spot about a star of your own brightness!

Michelle said...

I have been lamenting about my flabby arms lately. Good to know I can put them to use! lol

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

I love your thoughts on stars! I was looking at the stars the other night and had almost those same thoughts. Heavenly Father's hand is in all things, including the stars that create this wonderful universe!

I also love your thoughts on . . . stars . . . I often wonder how happy they really are. always trying to make someone else happy, always changing who they are, kind of sad.

You are a bright shining star my friend!


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