Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, June 24, 2016

See you later

Feeling like a baby this know, a crying baby whose dad has just thrown their "Pabby" out of the car window...while driving down the road.

What does a "Pabby" do?  It pacifies a child.....just the same as a baby blanket might do for a kid.    

Mylee is now 8 years old.....but she never goes to bed without her "Pink Bwank Bwank."     Attachment?  I think so!!!

Taking something away that we have become so attached to can be devastating..... 

This girls and I are decorating the venue for Tylers "See you later" party, tomorrow night.   In just a little over a week, he will be leaving for Air Force bootcamp.

Don't get me wrong......I KNOW this happens everyday.  Young men and women all across this great Country of ours.....leave for basics, to prepare to serve in our military.

I am proud of each one of them!

As Tyler's grandmother {Sugar, Shug, Sugar Booger} I have been so Blessed to have a very special relationship with him.  Almost like a BFF kind of relationship.  This has been an awesome privilege for me.

While I am excited for his future.....a part of me wants to be selfish and just keep him near.   Memories of younger years are flooding my mind.   Those days of milk mustaches and having a "happy go lucky" kid running in and out of the back door..... these memories keep my heart completely full.  

I know that Tyler is about to embark upon a brand new beginning and I fear what {it is} that I don't know anything about.   I can no longer swoop in and save the day for him!!!!

My emotions are all flared up, and for a good reason....{if I have to say so myself.}   I fear the unknown.....   I have a feeling of anxiety for him.... and even though I feel so much pride in this decision that he has made...for his future, I still fear all the changes.

One thing that I do know is that Tyler will go into the Air Force with a huge host of prayer warriors behind him.   AND...God is standing before him, behind him, and on all sides!  For this I am so thankful.    

Ok.....much to do today.   I'll post pictures of this great "Send Off" next week...

hugs to all...


Ida said...

What a great time in his life for sure. I know though how you feel about it. I'm so not looking forward to the day when my sweet Granddaughter goes off on her own. Thankfully that's a few years off yet but still as each day goes by and I see her growing more independant it is hard to realize that one day you have to let them go. Many hugs to you both at this transition in your lives.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Isn't it strange how first we fuss over our children and then along come the grandchildren and we just keep on fussing.I can understand how you feel about Tyler leaving.

Nancy Chan said...

When they are all grown up, its time to release them from their nest. Surrender your anxiety to God and for God to protect and keep him safe. I had felt the same like you feel.

Betsy Adams said...

So proud of Tyler.... He will do GREAT.... And --as much as you miss him, you will be fine and will find so many ways to stay in contact... It's hard to see the kids/grands grow up --but it's just part of life we all experience. God be with Tyler --and with YOU, my friend.

Prayers for all.

Melinda said...

All normal feelings but still hard.

Wishing the best for Tyler as he embarks
on this phase of his life.

M : )

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my! Well, I have a friend whose son joined, and it has made him so strong and responsible; ready for anything. Yes, it happens every day...but not to YOU. He is strong and smart and I believe he will do very well!

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