Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, March 7, 2016

this and that

Here it is.....Spring Break!  I love having all my babies at home and out of school...

Unfortunately, it's not going to be one of those Gorgeous...full of sunshine...kind of Spring Breaks.  The latest weather reports are forecasting lots of rain for our area!   

I guess there is no better time to get out all the supplies and do a little Spring Cleaning. 

Our home could use a little of this too.   Even though I'm home everyday.....sometimes I find myself guilty of junking up the place.   

Closets need to be cleaned and I will be so excited to put away all the Winter clothing! In my opinion, it has been (Shorts) weather for quite some time now!

Wouldn't it be sweet to live in a place like Hawaii where you only have a need for one season of clothing?  No changing out the different seasons of clothes??

This would be SWEET!!

Baseball season has started!  This is my favorite sport!  Not only do I love the game (and watching my grands play) but I love the outdoors.   It's awesome to sit outside and watch the game!!  


Where have all the bloggers gone? I can't figure it out.  Is everyone just kinda tired of blogging, or is life too busy for us all?  I love blogging...but I can sure tell that my followers have dropped a bit.   

I love visiting with everyone and keeping up with all of my far distant friends.   I'm thinking that Facebook has taken over.  I understand....because it is easier, but I just don't think it's as personal as blogging.

I'm hoping to get back into my more inspirational style of blogging.   

Hope all of you my friends....have a super, wonderful day.

Hugs from Texas


Ruth Hiebert said...

I love reading your blog.Your writing style seems more like a visit than a blog.I do have to disagree with you about only having one season. I happen to like the changing seasons.Just when i can't take another day of cold,spring arrives and in summer,when I'm all done with that,fall arrives.Guess I';m living at the right place for all those changes. Have a great day my friend.

carolann said...

oh I enjoy a read from your blog. I had blog problems on and off. Story of my life.

I change things then oh boy. They come up saying I am not a author.

A day ago I said. That s it. I took my blog off.
Then last night. Someone told me better come on as you could have a hacker take your pictures and go clear far away with them. So that is me. I am back fast aye.

Oh to be to Hawaii. My daughter, hubby and the grown kids went . They loved it.

She wish they had the dollars to go again. It was her fav place of all they went.

We are in snow and cold. I hope Spring will soon come but in Canada our Spring goes through Spring clothes for a week and right into summer clothes. Faster then you can snap your fingers. I agree with you. Be so nice to just wear no winter coat, scarfs and the boots.

So I was wondering where you were at several times. I looked.

Sweet family you have.

If you do decide to drop in. Click on my name. Then it will take you to my Imagination blog. click on it. Scroll down and have a peek. You can even comment. I would like that. oh today is Ladies Day. I wrote a wee article on that.

Melinda said...

I am soo glad to hear someone else thinks the same about the loss of followers and Facebook.

I love the visits too!

Looking forward to Spring too. We finally got some much needed rain here today.

I'll be back as always.

M : )

Nancy Chan said...

Beautiful yellow flowers. Have a great day!

Barb said...

Hi Shug~

Oh, I know what you mean, my whole house is getting the once over! I really just want it all sparkling clean . . .well at least somewhat clean :0) before summer. My doors all need scrubbed and painted, I don't know how they get so dirty and battered!?

I love baseball too, and my oldest granddaughter is playing, I can hardly wait to go cheer on her team . . . GO BEES!!

I feel the same why about blogging. I'm not a Facebook fan, although I do have a Facebook page, I rarely look at it, hubby does, but I don't. I love blogging, it's my journal, so I will keep it going, but I do miss chatting with friends around the world, like, Kimmie, I wonder what happened to her?! I need to send her and e-mail and make sure that everything is ok. I miss you when I don't see a post from you! I think blogging is much more personal, and really, I don't care about a lot of the stuff people post on Facebook, I really don't. I would much rather look at a beautiful post, (like yours), and read what is in a persons heart . . . :0)

Hugs to you sweet friend!

Regine Karpel said...


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