Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Feeling Blessed

Well....this is our 6th day on the road and I can truly say that I have so enjoyed this (Business trip) so far.   There have already been so many highlights, but of course....I don't have the pictures available to share with you.  

This small office that I'm working from doesn't allow me to do my BEST when it comes to posting.   I'm speaking about the front passenger side of our car!!

The only down side to this trip is........I did NOT bring my camera!
I know!!  Who takes a trip and leaves their camera behind??  Well, it was me this time.  The reason you might ask?....I decided at the last minute that it would be easier for me just to take my iPad ...after all, it does take good pictures as well.   The only issue is that is doesn't take far off pictures WELL!!!

Oh well....lesson learned!   When we left the house, I had no idea that this trip would take us so close to my wonderful bogging friend....Betsy from Tennessee.  We were 30 minutes away, so I could not let 30 minutes stand in the way of actually meeting someone that I have known for 5 years via blogging!!

Sam and I went to George and Betsy's home and I can sure tell you that it is lovely.   All the gardening of plants and flowers that she post about.....are absolutely beautiful......

Gorgeous roses!  Oh can sure tell that they harvest from all the time that they spend in their yard.   Beautiful roses with such a fragrance that is heavenly.  George picks one for her each day/week and therefore, she get to enjoy the roses on the inside and outside of their home.....Does that make sense the way I wrote that?  In other words....she also gets to enjoy the wonderful fragrance inside her home just like she does when she steps outside.  LOL.

Betsy and George welcomed us with big hugs.....and we enjoyed a wonderful visit.  Later, they filled our tummies with a great choice of dining at "Ruby Tuesday's"....Thanks to both of them for buying our meal.

Sam and I both, look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Another highlight.....was visiting with good friends that are in the Nursery business.....    John and Terri showed us around their farm and we even got to see their huge shed....filled with pumpkins of all kinds.  Pictures from my phone coming later!!  

I've never seen so many different kinds of pumpkins and they were stacked everywhere.  Piles of orange, green, white, yellow, and variegated pumpkins.  

It is always great to see good friends...

And now.......for all the wildlife that we have seen.   A BEAR!!!
Can you believe it?  I was so excited and see the black bear on the side of the road.   I did grab a picture from my iPad, but I had so much excitement within me, that the picture did not come out clear!  SAD :(

I had just told Sam, about an hour much I would love to see a bear!   And there he/she was!!!   About 40 feet from our car!!  AWESOME!!  Made my day....heck, made my week!!!

We have also seen Turkey's and Canadian Geese!  Two turkey's and about 40 Geese!  I also grabbed pictures of these on my phone!!

Today, we are in Florida......and who knows.....we just might see some gators!!   

This is a working trip for Sam.....and I guess you could say it is for me as well.   After all, I am the relief driver!   Prayers for safe travels are appreciated, as we still have a long ways to go!!  

Feeling Blessed!!

Hugs to each of you......



Ruth Hiebert said...

Meeting Betsy and George is indeed a treat. I met them last winter and that ended up being the highlight of my Nashville trip. Someday I hope to meet you as well.

Linda Kay said...

Shug, sounds like such a wonderful time driving through the countryside, and glad you got to meet up with a blogger friend! Safe travels.

Terra said...

This sounds like a fun trip, and you got to see a bear :)

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Oh how fun to get to meet Betsy and George! I will pray for travel mercy for you both. Enjoy your trip!

BTW, if you'll send me your email addy, I'll give you the name of our favorite condo at Branson. Plus names of a few other places we've stayed that are nice, too.

Melinda said...

Wow, lots going on.
So fun to meet blogging
Enjoy your trip and travel safe.

M : )

Michelle said...

Stay safe, Shug! And, enjoy this time!!!

Betsy Adams said...

Hi, I cannot say how wonderful it was to meet you and Sam.. There are certain people that we 'connect' with immediately through Blogging and Facebook ---and you and I truly connected many years ago... Meeting you in person was just like we had known each other our entire lives... I love meeting blog friends (and we have probably met between 20-25) since these are the most special friends which now will be lifetime friends...

Glad you saw a BEAR.. That is SO neat. You felt like I did when I saw that moose in the Tetans....

Have a safe trip. Prayers for your travel.

Hugs and Much Love and God's Blessings,

Deb said...

That is so great that you could meet up with George and Betsy. I have been reading Betsy's blog for years and we are friends on FB. She is such a sweet and genuine woman. I know that George is the same. Glad to know you could get together!

Gail Dixon said...

How wonderful to meet a dear blogging friend! One day I hope to travel through Texas and meet YOU. :) Praying safe travels for you both. Look forward to seeing all your photos, Shug!

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