Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Camp Joy!

This week is "Camp Joy" week, and I can certainly relate as to why it is called Camp Joy.  This camp is well deserving of its name.   

My little niece (Tammy).... is the one attending this camp.   All of the young adults that are attending the camp have different kinds of disabilities.   Can I tell you...... I admire the many people who sponsor such a wonderful week for these special people.

Tammy attends BVT a couple days a she is registered in the day program there.   BVT is a Faith based community for adults with mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

This week, I have been dropping Tammy off at Breckenridge around 8:00 a.m. and returning to pick her up around 4:00 in the evening.  It has been such a "JOY" to see her step off of the BVT bus each day, because her face has a smile that reaches from ear to ear.

She is loving the camp.....which is sponsored by Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler Texas.  

I get excited just listening to her tell me about her day.   The camp provides fishing, swimming, basketball, bingo, games, snow cones, snacks, arts and crafts, races, and many other recreational activities for those attending.

Today.....she went fishing!  Did she catch anything?  No....but it was a big thrill for her to be at the lake with all of her other friends.  Yesterday, she won a journal while playing bingo.......oh my, it was as if Santa had just paid her a visit....

Sure makes me stop and think about life!!  How I fret over this and I take things for granted.  

The blind only wish to see, the deaf only wish to hear and the mute only wish to speak.......Things that seem of just little value to us, can be ALL that someone else wants......appreciate even the little things in life.......there are many who are less fortunate. 

Hugs to each of you.....



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This brings a smile to my face, too. What a wonderful experience and one she'll remember all of her life. great is that? Sweet hugs, Diane

Ruth Hiebert said...

I am so happy for Tammy. It is exciting just to read about her excitement.

Linda Kay said...

A lovely post, Shug, and a great reminder for us to appreciate the little things. What a great camp for your niece.

laurie said...

what a great fun experience for Tammy, perfect!

Melinda said...

So much fun for Tammy!
Glad that she had fun.

Working in the field I
do allows me to see glimpses
of exciting times as these!

M : )

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