Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, May 22, 2015

Wearing Readers......

Do I really want to tell this story?  Do I really want to set myself up to be judged?   Sure.....hopefully it will give you all a shower of temporary laughter for the day.

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This is an adorable picture......Surely, everyone else loves English Bulldogs the same as I do.

What do I really want you to see in this photo??...... the "READER GLASSES."

These things are super important in my everyday life!  I CAN NOT see ...... Up close!     So, why do I spend so much time Squinting?

The reason why.......I can't ever find where I left my 10 pair of readers.    I have many "Readers" in this house, in my car, in my purse......BUT,  I never can seem to find a pair when I am looking for them.  

Here is the Story!

I am not one that ever READS in the bathtub.   For this reason, I find NO REASON to wear glasses while bathing.   Well....No reason up until now!   

So.....I get in the tub yesterday.   I can't swim....which is the reason I do NOT like taking showers.  That sounds funny doesn't it?   Let me explain:   It's not that I think the shower is gonna fill up, over my head and drown me.   It's the spray of of water that splashes on my face that I can't take.   I don't like water in my eyes, and therefore.....I have to keep my eyes completely shut when I shower.

When my eyes are mind flips out.....what if someone is outside the shower door?   What if something crawls up the drain?

Back to the tub........  I grab a new razor, my towel, the bath gel and my shampoo.   (yep....I wash my hair in the tub)   

I have washed my hair.........I've bathed.....and now it's time to shave my legs.   Whew....I can't believe it...  NO cuts of any kind. 
I then get out of tub.....dry off.....get dressed....put my make-up on...blow dry my hair.....and the only thing left for me to do is to put lotion on my arms and legs.

I take a good look at my legs, and I'm thinking....."Good Grief, those new vitamins that I am taking really seem to be working fast."  It was as if I had never shaved my legs!!!!!!!!!!    What?   I know I did!!!

I go back to the tub.....grab the razor......put my readers on......and 
WaLa........the razor was still covered with the protective piece on it!!!

I shaved my legs with plastic!!!!!!   Yes.....I suppose it is time to start wearing my reading glasses while I bath!!

Shug ~



Barb said...

Hi Shug!

Heheheheh! That is way too funny! Ain't life grand?! I think you need to chalk this one up to. . .making memories for your children to read at your funeral. That's what I decided about the embarrassing moment I had last week!

I have a sister who will not take a shower for the same reason, so no, it's not silly at all! It wasn't until after I was married that I started taking showers. Not one thing wrong with washing your hair in the tub!!

Loved this funny moment!! I love getting old!


Ginny said...

HA Ha Ha Ha HA!! Truly delightful, Shug! I KNOW all about your problem.Phil is the exact same way. He buys them and has them all over the house, and in the car. He slowly loses every one! But happily we just saw that the Dollar Store sells them! Hey, QVC is selling a really cute little magnet pin. You put it on your blouse (it has a strong magnet) it looks just like a tiny pair of glasses. Anyway, you stick your glasses in it, and it holds them! So much better than one of those granny chains!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Thanks for the chuckle.Makes me feel normal when I am not the only one who does strange things like that.

Melinda said...

Oh my, way, way, way too funny!!!!!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

M :)

Laurie said...

LOL!!!! Now, that was funny!

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh my goodness! You crack me up! Thank you for telling this story... I wonder at times if I need my Dollar General Specs in the shower...
I've washed my hair with conditioner so many times... because well...
all. the. same. reasons!

Have a nice 3 day!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOL! I love this story, Shug!!! I know just what you mean about finding you need those stinkin' cheaters all the time!

On the subject of leg shaving, I always know if I get out and go to put my lotion on and find one leg shaved and one not that there is something REALLY stressful going on! LOL!

Have a great weekend. May God bless America. t.

laurie said...

oh my gosh, lol, I'm not laughing at you ,, honest, lol, shaved your legs with plastic, lol,

the fear of showering I understand completely, I have heard of this before, the water in the face,, scary for some, calming for others, are we a strange bunch!

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