Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I must wait.....

          ...... It is so very important for us to believe that God hears our prayers!

One might say: "Why isn't God answering my prayers."

Do you have a situation in your life that you have prayed for and yet you receive NO ANSWERS?

I will confess that I have been guilty of searching for answers to this VERY QUESTION....for a very long time now!

I've had thoughts such as....

1.  God Knows I love HIM. (so why doesn't he love me enough to answer my prayers?)
2.  God knows all about my needs...(so why is HE not concerned)
3.  And Oh....God knows that I believe in the Power of Prayer!


I have even had a conversation with God....asking HIM to please understand that I'm not asking for prayers are for others!  

Doesn't this change the entire situation?  Like...when we ask for answers in prayer...for other people?

And then....I have to STOP myself and remember God's words...John 15:7.

"If you remain in me, and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done.!

OH BOY....this sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

What we (I) must realize is that God desires for me to ask in prayer....with a heartfelt expression of dependency and need.

First of heart must be right with God. My relationship with the Lord must be PURE!  

I can not expect to come before the Lord...seeking answers to my prayers and at the same secretly trying to hide the sins in my life.   I can not allow my iniquities to separate me from God.

God's WILL is what I must be seeking.  HIS will and HIS timing!

Read the story of Abraham and God promised Abraham a son.  In this Bible story, it is clear that God's mercy is sovereign and HIS will is accomplished regardless of human frailty.

I can not expect to have an effective prayer life...if I am only in halfway!!!!!

I am so thankful that I know the Lord....that I can trust HIM....that HE loves me....and HE cares about my concerns!  

I must wait....even if the days turn in to weeks, and months, and years....



Ginny said...

Your rainbow is beautiful! You are RIGHT! I also believe that God can see into the future. He knows what is best for us much better than we do. He can see the big picture and we cannot.

Betsy Adams said...

In all of my prayers, I always say: "IF it be your will, God"..... God does answer our prayers --but the answers may not be what we want to hear. It's not easy ---but of course neither is LIFE.

God Bless YOU, Shug.

Pam said...

You always make me stop and think, Shug! That's why I like your blog, you inspire me with your great belief! God does answer our prayers, in his fashion and for our best. Hugs

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I love what you said-- and what God's words says... that our heart needs to be pure when we ask.
I know He doesn't want us coming to Him with a double mind-- asking selfishly, or hiding a sin from him. He searches our heart...and wants us to do the same.
Coming to the wash bowl and cleansing the heart does wonders to the ear of God-- but with right motives.
Thanks for a reminder lesson, Shug!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

My prayers are end just like Betsy's... Sometimes it is hard to wait... or to understand. I believe one day we will. What I know without a doubt is that God loves us and He only has the best in mind for us. Bless you and yours, dear Shug. hugs ~ tanna

Melinda said...

Waiting is sooooooo hard,
especially when waiting
for answers to prayers.
I am not patient enough
most of the time.

M : )

Ida said...

A hard lesson to put into practice but oh so true.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a beautiful written post my friend. I have spent a week inside, recovering from my accident and I still have a 'ways to go'. It's not easy to wait. We all want to get on with life...the fun part of it. Thanks for your sweet comments this week and encouraging words. Sweet hugs, Diane

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