Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Small World.....

Sam and I attended a wedding this past evening of a precious young lady that we have known for several years.   She was a lovely Bride and the wedding was beautiful....

I find it amazing at how small this world really is....  Sam and I neither one knew the groom but when we got to the wedding, there were many people on the groom's side that we knew.  We have known the groom's grandfather for many years.  He services our air conditioner a couple times a year.  

We had no idea that Jacob was his grandson.   We had no idea that so many of our friends knew this young couple.

Here is a picture of the Beautiful bride and her twin sister....
They look nothing alike, but what they do have is a precious bonding.   Haley and Brittanie are my step nieces.   

Do any of you recognize a familiar face in this photo?

Here's a hint!!   He sang on "The Voice" this season!  He was selected by Team Usher...'s  Stevie Jo!!  Stevie Jo and the Jacob, the groom are BEST FRIENDS.  Stevie Jo was suppose to be the Best Man, but with not knowing exactly how he might do on "The Voice" they had to make other plans.

Here is a picture of Stevie Jo singing on stage at "The Voice."

                                            Stevie Jo singing his original song...Pray for Me.

And here is Stevie Jo singing at Brittanie and Jacob's wedding reception.....

Thought this was kinda neat!!  

Such a sweet couple!!

Shug ~ 


Ginny said...

WOW, I bet you were really shocked! What a really special event. Also I love the first picture on the sidebar, of Tyler all alone. Did YOU snap the armadillo?

Laurie M said...

oh how we enjoyed him on the voice, what a beautiful couple, that was a wonderful happy day,

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful bride and groom. It is often surprising how many people one knows and how they are connected.

Pam said...

It's a small world for sure! Sounds like a fun time with SJ! Happy Mother's Day!

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