Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Be Happy....Be Crazy.....Make Life Fun!

Can you believe that it is already February?    A short month with lots of happenings.  To begin with.....I knew that if we were going to plan a summer vacation to the beach, then we needed to have our condo booked by the middle of February!

What's the rush you say......for beginners, the early bird gets the worm and I wanted to make sure that we secured the perfect location for this family vacation.   

I very much enjoy the things that happen in my life and to be able to spend time with our family at the beach this summer, is like having a big cherry on top of my ice-cream.

We have so many memories and an abundance of photos from our Beach vacations.......of the past.   Tyler will soon be 18 and of course, Mylee just turned 6.   It would be sad, if  in the years to come, Mylee looks at the family photo albums, only to find that her pictures are almost non-existent at the beach.

I want her to have the same great memories as the rest of the grands!   Isn't this pretty much what most of us do....Our camera almost catches on fire when our first grandchild is born.   We snap picture after picture and most of the time we have multiple photos of the very same photo.   

The second grandchild comes along and we end up taking a lot fewer shots of that child.  With the third child, the camera may make it off of the shelf once a month...and bless their hearts, with the other grandkids.....we always have some kind of excuse.

                   1.    Oh my....I forgot my camera.
                2.    I didn't have a one single disk to use in my
                3.    Would you believe that I forgot to charge the   

Excuses, excuses.....when actually..... we are just too lazy to pick up the camera.'s been a while since we vacationed at the beach.

June...27/28    are travel dates for this family...


and.. look where we will be on July 4th.........ON THE BEACH!

February is also "Sweetheart" month and my sweetheart has something really cool planned for the two of us!  Can't wait to reveal...

Let me just say that Sam is allowing himself to venture out of his comfort box with these plans that he has made....I am  certainly in awe, BECAUSE... the love of my life is willing to do something like this....."Because He Loves Me."

Have you ever just started laughing only to realize that you were laughing at yourself?

I am always greeted with great opportunities to make myself laugh.  Just this morning for example......The kids all had busy schedules and time was running short.   Sam and I decided to lend  our helping hands!!   Perhaps I should set this scene up, so you too can laugh with me,

(It rained yesterday and do you know what happens when it rains on land that has no grass as of YET!  It becomes a muddy mess!   So, it's wet outside and it's very cold and very muddy)

Sam and I headed out to the... New House  (that is almost finished) so that we could feed the 3 little piggies....  For now....when it's really wet outside, you have to park on the country road that is located on the East side of the kids property.   Then, you have to make your way up a 6 foot embankment, in order to get to the piggy hotel.

I (Shug Pollard) have on a pair of men's boots that are 6 sizes too big for me and I am determined to make it up that slippery hill.
I  .........  am extremely thankful that there were NO cameras near by.   I'm pretty sure that I looked like a big elephant trying to go 
up this same hill.....TRUNK FIRST!   But should have seen the trip DOWN the hill!   I'm definitely not a light girl, but I will say, Sam did his best to pick me up and help me down the hill.......Cute, to say the least!!  I am still laughing!!

There is so much more going on during this short month of February.....
What does your Heart month look like??

What a fun morning it has been.....Hope you all stay warm, and have a day that is filled with tons of Happiness!!

Shug ~~


Gail Dixon said...

Life is an adventure with you, Shug! Could just imagine those enormous boots and you climbing that hill. Then having to go down.

You have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks and months ahead. Enjoy!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Too bad there are no pictures to go with that story. I can imagine the scene.

Melinda said...

I agree with Ruth!
We have several fun
things coming up.

M : )

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOL! I'm laughing with you, Shug! I love moments that bring laughter to a family... and families that can laugh in those moments! =) Dreaming of the beach days, too... ;) blessings ~ tanna

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