Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, November 4, 2013

No Shave....and Honest Chatter

Good, Happy, Monday morning to you.   Looks like we might have some rain showers around here!  If God sends rain, then I'm gonna Embrace it!!   

Hmmm...I haven't played out in the rain, in a very long time.  I'm always looking for a new adventure, so today just might be filled with Lots of playing in the rain!!  

Hey......It's "No Shave" November!!!  Here's my question......Are any of the guys in your home participating in this awesome event????    In our home, we currently have 4 wonderful guys who already have whiskers on their handsome faces.  Ummm...some of them have more than the others!!!!  Isn't that right Tucker??  

What is "No Shave November?"   

Simple.  No-Shave November is a unique way to raise cancer awareness.  What better way to grow awareness than with some hair?  Show your support and give back.


Now, for a little Honest chatter.....   In my life, I choose to stay on the "Positive" path.   With this being said, I want to say that I know that there are hurting people, all around.  Real life situations have a way bringing along some real baggage.

I never take lightly, that even though I may be walking down the positive paths of life, the person next to me, or the person reading my post, may very well be walking in shoes with no soles.  They are hurting, or they may feel that they can no longer move forward for fear of the pain that the next step may bring.

It is my desire to always be aware, and to encourage others to keep moving forward...... just beyond the bend in the road, there is HOPE!

Can you imagine the devastation of having two negative personalities hanging out together....I have a strong feeling that the path would somehow, become a long, narrowing path.

Life isn't perfect for any of us...... this I know!

Blessings and Wishes for a "Positive thought" kind of day.

Shug ~


Betsy Adams said...

Hmmmm… Have never heard of this.. Hope my hubby finds another way to raise awareness…. ha


Vickie said...

Hi Shug - appreciate your blog post today. You are always so upbeat and positive. We need more people like you! Every year during the holidays we think about people who are hurting and I have always tried to put myself in their position. It's hard until you're there yourself. You've been so positive and encouraging about my sister's cancer, and I want to tell you thank you so much. This is going to really be a different holiday season for our family. We've all been so blessed with good health (I still have both of my parents) and now we're in the boat as others have been with a sick family member. I think this Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas season are REALLY going to mean more to me and my family than ever before. The great thing is that since we are all Christians, we can still be thankful, and can still have JOY in our hearts in the midst of pain. It's hard, but God promises us that Joy in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in!
Have a blessed day, Shug - and go play in the rain!

Gail Dixon (LaBelle) said...

My youngest did Mo-vember last year and I hated it. Not a good look for him. Not a fan of all the beards I saw during the World Series either. Give me a clean shaven face any day.

Shug, I admire your determination to keep a positive attitude. It's infectious, so keep doing it! God bless.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Around here it is referred to as Movember.I am beginning to see some faces which are sorting more hair than usual.Keep on being upbeat,it brings a smile.

Debbie said...

Check our our Fall fam picture on my blog. Now I ask you, do these guys like to shave? And both my daughters FILs have beards. :D

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