Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marshmallows and Pumpkins...

Money can't buy happiness......
But, it can buy lots of Marshmallows and Pumpkins!

Which..... =  Happiness!!

Eye See You!!

Isn't this a cool pumpkin?  Wish you could have been here, last see us carving our pumpkins!

We had Ooey Gooey pumpkin guts.....everywhere!

You see.....this is what FUN is all about!

I love to see the creative side come out in people and last night was no exception.   Tori....she wanted to carve the typical kind of face on her pumpkin.   Tyler....he chose to carve the lovable eye, of Monster Ink.

Tucker....he chose to attend a meeting for his FFA class, so he will carve his pumpkin this evening.   Hmmm.  wonder what it will be?  Deer Antlers, I am sure.

Hoping Carson and Trey will be able to carve pumpkins well.  Carson's will more than likely be some kind of sports theme, and Trey...he's a hunter too, so he might carve a few antlers of his own.

Miss Mylee Jo......well, lets just say that she was a bit busy last evening....

No need to stop with the fun at this point....
Let's move on to the marshmallows.

Come on now.....Who doesn't LOVE  
squishy, fluffy and extremely sweet tasting 
things.......?   The things that we call


Check this out!!   They're really simple and delicious.

Dip the end of a stick into melted candy (we used chocolate and white)

Insert the stick, into one end of the marshmallow.  (This keeps the stick from slipping out of the mallow)

We then turned them upside down, until the chocolate had time to get a little hard.

Then, you dip the other end of the marshmallow into the melted chocolates....half way down, and immediately, dip into your choice of sprinkles or crushed up cookies.   

When finished, push the stick into a piece of Styrofoam and let sit until dried.  

We had a great, happy time....doing this together..

And afterwards.....we couldn't let the left over melted chocolate go to waste...


The chocolate war was on.........

A little on my face.....a little on theirs!!!!

and who do you think started this chocolate fight? 

(and by the way....Tucker does have his t-shirt on...wrong side outwards)

Make life great......Have FUN!!

Shug ~


Ginny said...

SO MUCH FUN!!!! I can't wait to try the marshmallows!!! Mylee Jo looks so sharp in her costume, and they did just a wonderful job with the pumpkins! Now after seeing all this, I can hardly wait till tomorrow night with Anne Marie!!! And YOU look totally cute!

Ginny said...

P.S. i just copied your marshmallow directions and picture into word and printed it. What fun it will be to make with the girls!!!

Laurie said...

those treats sound amazing!! I will make some tomorrow, you look like you guys ar having so much fun!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh fun!!!! I can feel the fun you had.

Dar said...

Love those Jack-O-Lanterns..nice job, kids. And those marshmallows, yum, they look sweet and just waiting to be made by my grandloves. I love the one in your header...cuz I love crystal sugar on any-thing~
Life is Delicious

Gail Dixon (LaBelle) said...

You guys have so much fun together! I love that look on your face with chocolate smeared all over. So many fun memories your grand kids will carry with them through life.

Betsy Adams said...

You certainly have a wonderful life and so much fun with your family… That is SO neat! I used to love all of the fun we had with the boys on Halloween when they were little… Loved it!!! Miss it!

Rain/storms/wind is upon us today!!!! I feel sorry for all of the little kids who will be out trick-or-treating tonight…

Happy Halloween. Stay SAFE.

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