Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What's Been Going On.....

What?   No new stories from the razzle-dazzle housewife??
No confessions??

This is not exactly true.....I always have a story to tell....just not enough time to tell them!  

I've missed each of you, dear friends......BUT, we've had lots and lots of things going on around here!  

Alzheimer's has been doing some overtime work on my dad.  Woooooooooo!  is what I have to say about this.....He has had all of us doing a few overtime hours lately.   It's very difficult to keep him satisfied and CALM!

News about the vacation season:  There has also been a lot of packing and unpacking going on around this place.   The washer and dryer are doing a little overtime as well!     I'm not the one doing the traveling though!!  :(      It's the kids!!    Two of them flew out this morning, headed to Utah!   I love it!!   This means lots of fun and excitement for them.
I probably could write a song about the places they've been:  "San Antonio, Houston, Del the car and away we go!  Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico.....Oklahoma, Utah, and El Paso!  Zip-lining, four wheeling, hiking and zooing.......these are the things that we've been doing!!"   
  I left out a lot of stops, but I kinda ran out of words...
 Nashville here I come!!

Anniversary News:  We've been planning my in-law's 65th Wedding Anniversary Dinner!   Isn't this wonderful?  What a great testimony of their many years together...IN LOVE!

Here's our School News:     We've been doing quite a bit of School Clothes Shopping, along with searching for lots of school supplies!   Shanda has changed schools this year...she will be teaching at our districts OTHER elementary!   The theme at Trista's school has changed for this next school year....
"Taking Excellence to the Extreme"  is the new motto!  We have been surfing the net, looking for some great ideas for decorating her classroom!!
Tyler is now a senior, and we have been working on several things for him.   Football is big around here, which means that  we've been doing a lot of things to make his Senior Year an unforgettable year!!   I'll post pictures of this later in the season!!

Career Happenings:  Does anyone have any idea how long it's been since I've worked?   A very long time!   But now.....
Drum roll please:  I'm a "Thirtyone consultant."     I'm now selling Thirtyone bags and goodies!!   Made my very first order yesterday and I loved it!!  If you don't anything about this company, then check it out....    Go to:

This is what's been going on in my part of the world.....

Hope to get back to doing what I love.......BLOGGING!!



Barb said...

Hi Shug!

My goodness, you have been busy!

I love the song, reminds me of, Hank Snow's, "I've been Everywhere"!

Is it already time for school - where has the summer gone (I always say that... ;0))! Football is my favorite sport, and I love to watch my grandson play too - good luck to Tyler!

A working girl!! I will have to checkout the web site, I've never heard of Thirtyone before. I hope you have fun with it - you are such a charismatic lady who could say, "no", to you!

I also love Utah, lots of family there - your girls will have a blast!


Laurie said...

wowsa, whole lot going on in your world, I'm going to check out the company you work for , never heard of this! sounds exciting!!

Betsy Adams said...

Woooooo---I got tired just reading your schedule... Mercy Me, Girlie... Where does all of that energy come from????

Sounds like all of the grandkids have had a terrific summer. Can't believe that school starts soon.

The theme, Taking Excellence to the Extreme, reminds me of some extreme sport event/photos....Extreme being farthest, utmost, far-reaching,, supreme, maximum...... Another thought is comparing the two extremes..... Have fun with it...

Good Luck with your consulting job.... But---I laughed just thinking that what you don't need is more BAGS..... (Just give me the money instead!!!!) ha ha


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

WOW! You are one busy lady. Hope your career and all that other stuff is fulfilling. Well, I know that Dad's situation is not fulfilling but God can use even that to help one to grow. Blessings to you.

Ginny said...

Well, I always say it is better to be busy than be bored! I went to this address and got a huge black sign that says "31 Ideas" But then I cannot get anything else. So you need to tell us what it is. I am so very sorry about your dad. You do not ever complain or vent here at all, but I went through this with my grandmother who raised me, so I now. You are such a strong person!!

Michelle said...

You are a busy lady, but it all sounds great. Prayers for your dad, as I know that is a difficult situation to deal with.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Wow! You have been busy, Shug!! I'm so sorry things are getting worse with your Dad's Alzheimer's. It can be such a difficult and heartbreaking disease.

LOVE your post on choices. So true. So true. blessings ~ tanna

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