Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rule Maker....Rule Breaker

Are you a rule maker or a rule breaker?    I think I'm a little of both....

I would say that I'm better at making rules (especially if it's about setting rules for OTHERS) however, I would consider myself  a rule breaker when it comes to things that are sweet!

For some, breaking rules is liking coloring outside of the lines.  
The lines are there for a purpose.....a picture turns out really well when we stay inside the lines....BUT,  the moment that one little mark is made on the outside.....we feel that the picture is ruined and therefore we no longer care how many marks are made on the outside.

Rules are rules, .... and for the most part we need to follow them to avoid consequences that could be harsh.

When I say that I sometimes break the rules, it's usually with things such as this.....

I love to eat my dessert first....before my meal !!!!!

I can't help it......sweets are my thing!!!

I like to sneak into the movie ahead of time so that I can get my choice of seat on the back row!!!  

Don't get me wrong....I have my purchased ticket in hand....but I like to go in before the 
"Now Seating" light comes on. !!

Oh...this is a good one!  The advantages of toting a large purse is being able to hide my sonic drink (which is full of crushed ice) into a ballgame.  Sure, the concession stand is always open, but.....they don't have sonic drinks!!   On the gate at some stadiums, a sign may read.....Not outside food or drinks!!!   Yikes!!

This isn't something that is super bad, and if I'm guessing right, I'm pretty sure that most all of us have done this from time to time.

See.....I'm not a bad rule breaker.....but as I said before, rules are rules.

Where did this topic come from???  Well.....last night I broke a rule!   I've been counting calories and the rule for being able to lose weight in counting calories is to not go over your limited amount.     I DID!!!   

I made biscuits.......biscuits made the way that "Red Lobster" makes them.     Boy, were they yummy!!  I ate one, maybe two of the little boogers and they carry a whopping 150 calories in each biscuit!!   

I broke the rule.....I used up an extra 274 worth of calories!! 

What are the consequences??   weight gain instead of weight loss!!   

Oh is another day!!

hugs to you all sweet friends...


Debbie said...

It's nice to know I'm not alone in this battle. Just beging all over today and try harder! :D

Ginny said...

Again, I totally agree with all your thoughts here! When I was a kid, my grandmother and I would sneak fresh pizza slices into the movie!!! OH the fun of eating the delicious pizza while watching the movie, and both of us being bad! I have made the Red Lobster cheese biscuits, but using Bisquick. Your header looks like a hydrangea in a bed of jewels!!!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Got to break a few rules now and then. Have a great weekend.

Lea Culp said...

Cute post and it's hard not to break a few rules along the way, whether it's the law or a diet. Happy weekend!

Betsy Adams said...

I am a Rule Breaker---or at least, I push the rules to the EXTREME... For instance, I always would drive 8 mph faster than the speed limit allows. Hubby would never break any rules at all --not even a little....

I couldn't even make those good biscuits --because I WOULD eat them... SO--for me, it's best not to have the temptation at all.


Barb said...

Hi Shug!

I really giggled at your post today, because I am a rule breaker too!! I love to bring my own candy and snacks to the movies, they hate it! I always have to taste the sweets first, and I always go over on my calories...dang it!


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