Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Giving Free Smiles Today!!

Life is just plain Fun!  

Today......I just had to smile and say: 

 "I love you Dad.....Thank You for Blessing me."

" My cheeks are stretched to their limits......BECAUSE........I find much joy in the things you say and do!"

Hope you won't mind if I share another small story.....created by my dad!  

I pick my dad up around 1:00 this afternoon, to take him to his endocrinologist appointment.  The nurse weighs him, only to see that he has gained 24 pounds since he last visited their office......6 months ago!

The very first thing that the Dr. said was:  "Hmmmm. I see that you have gained 24 pounds!"
"What do you think could be making you gain this much weight?"

His response:  "Well, I'm carrying a pocket knife and I'm holding this bag of medicine......I haven't gained weight, it's probably these things."

When I looked up....... my eyes going from the magazine that I had in my lap ,to my dad's face, I could see that he was really serious.  I took a glance over at the doctor and what I got was a big wink and smile.

As we were driving out of the parking lot, dad made another comment in regards to "That Place" not having good scales.  I drive a little further down the road and as I approach a red light......I hear this thumping sound.   I stop and then I look over at my dad......With both sets of fingers on each hand.......He is poking his fingers into his stomach.   

He proceeds to tell me that there is no way that he has gained weight because he exercises his stomach every day.   Of course, I'm thinking he's going to say something like: "I eat everyday....doesn't that qualify as exercise?"    
NO....not really!   With my dad being an Alzheimer's patient, I knew he wouldn't be able to think that fast.

I finally said:  "Dad....what kind of exercise are you talking about?"   To which he replied:  "Just like this.....I push the fat away with my fingers!"

Whoa......I didn't realize it was that easy!!   And to think that all this time, I never, not once, tried pushing my tummy fat away.

And again........He Was Serious!!

See.....I told you that life is Fun!   

I am extremely grateful to receive the smiles that I get from spending time with my dad every day!   

I'm sure that there will be many more cute stories to come!! I'm pretty sure that  my dad would be very happy to know that he was giving each of us a FREE SMILE TODAY!!




Betsy Adams said...

Oh --what a sweet story. Sounds like something my father-in-law would say --even though he doesn't have Alzheimer's. He an come out with some of the craziest stories...

Thanks for the SMILE today. You are awesome, Shug Pollard.

Barb said...

Hi Shug!

Loved that story! Your dad must be an extraordinary man! I can so identify with Alzheimers, as my mother has it too. She uses a motorized wheelchair to get around and always calls it her,"New Ford". I love free smiles - especially when we know that they won't last too much longer... Gotta love em!



Ginny said...

Your dad sounds like a real sweetheart!!! Is the door to that shed really this yellow color? I LOVE LOVE LOVE how every post you do a whole different color and everything matches! Like all the yellow here, it makes me happy. I don't know anyone else who does this, so it is an original Shug idea!

Dar said...

Thanks, Shug, for sharing your precious Dad's Free Smiles. He reminds me of just how much I miss my Dad, tho, no Alzheimer's but loving life so much you could not help but smile and laugh with him.

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