Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, June 30, 2013



I  just wonder.....what (different) words would I write, if this were a private message?  Not sure!  I'm guessing that TODAY, I might possibly write about frustration.  You know, it's just down right hard to have negative thoughts, especially when my goal each day is to let the Son shine through me in every thing that I do.  However.....I'm just a normal person and YES, I too......have frustrating days.      LOL!

What has driven me to the state of this ill-humored behavior that I'm experiencing today?  A story that has given me a bummer of a small vacation.  I'm guessing this is more than likely, the shortest trip we have ever taken.

After much thought.....much planning.....over the past few months,  Sam and I decided to put a BIG vacation aside this year in order to take a few smaller trips later in the year. 
In November, we have a trip to Tennessee planned with our friends, while another trip to the Big Apple is in the works as well.

This past Friday......we packed our bags.....leaving for a small get away to Dallas.....
Nice hotel, great pool and a fantastic pool view room, a little fun and relaxation.....this is what the next 4 days were suppose to include. a key word here.

Our first stop.....Target!  Had to have some sunscreen and few other things to make this trip a success.  A short time later,  we check into the room and within a thirty minute time......I feel my back going out!  After resting flat on my back for some three hours, I get up to go to the restroom and guess what?  I can barely move!!  At 10 o'clock, Sam calls the front desk to have them get our car and come pick up our luggage.  At 10:20.....we are headed home!   We had about a hundred and twenty miles to travel, but around 12:30 we pull into the driveway!

My back is some better.....but, I'm almost sure I will be seeing a Chiropractor tomorrow.

Just a little frustration inside of me today.   But you know, I'm blessed to be able to stay home each day.  It's my Sam that I feel so bad for......He was looking forward to having a few days away from all the hustle that he has going on every day.  His mind is constantly having to make important decisions at work.....and, he needs all the down time that he can get.

I am one Blessed lady to have him in my life.   His concern has been about me and trying to make me feel as comfortable as possible.   I sure do love this guy!!

The great thing about journaling is..... I can write what I feel....When I blog, I can edit a few things.   My journal is happy, my blog is happy, and at the end of all the words.....I am happy!!

Happy Sunday friends.....




Laurie said...

oh no, what a shame, that man of yours loves you and when you feel pain i'm sure he does too, there will be another time, take care of yourself sweet lady, I wish I was closer maybe there is something I could do to help, rest up, let your back heal,

Grandma Bonnie said...

I hope you get back to feeling better. Its too bad about your trip. I guess you could say it was not in Gods plan for your vacation at this time.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You have the blessing of a dear husband who takes care of you and a Father who loves you.Frustrations come into all our lives,I know I have more than my share.Hope your back feels much better real soon.

Ginny said...

Your Sam sounds so much like my Phil!!! And let me tell you, some of my friends have HORRIBLE husbands! And you care about and love him just as much as he does you, you have each found your soul mates! I am SO sorry about your back, what a LET DOWN!!! I would have been so frustrated! Has this happened before? Do you have a chiropractor? Some are good and some can do even more damage. Have you seen your own doctor for this in the past? Sorry to seem bossy, but my job as deacon is kicking in!

Michelle said...

I do hope you feel better soon! Sam sounds like such a great guy!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Oh, I'm so sorry your back is bothering you and what a bad time for it to happen. But, I always have thought that things happen for a reason. Hope you get fixed up and are feeling better real soon! (((Hugs)))

Betsy Adams said...

Oh Honey, I am so sorry that your back went out and that your vacation was put on STOP.... You do have a good hubby... I know you both were disappointed... Hopefully, you can go back soon. I'm sure you need a break from all of the extra people in your home.... Bless your heart... Take care of my friend, Shug.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, Shug. I am so sorry your little escape was cut short AND that your back is out. Sure hope you get fixed up quick. And, I'd have to agree, you are most blessed to have your Sam. And, seems the reverse is very true, too! get well. blessings ~ tanna

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