Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Frog Eyed Sandwiches

I just love old people!   I love the good ol' days......I love how things were so simple back in the days.

The other day, I was thinking back to some of my childhood days when I would go to visit my grandmother and would find myself amazed at how much food would be on the table.   And, when dinner was over....the food would still be left on the table, COVERED UP with a dish towel....waiting for us to eat supper.   I will never forget the big bowl of quartered onions that was a main staple on the table.    Did I mention how much I DISLIKE onions and the smell of onions?

The fascinating thing was the kind of foods we ate......and the names given to each tasty dish.   How many of your kids have ever heard of HOT  WATER cornbread?   The younger generation has no clue as to how tasty this stuff is.   How about sauerkraut and wieners or fold overs?    Then there were mutton chops and poor man's pudding.

I know that sauerkraut and wieners is not all that strange, but my kids have never had it, nor have they ever had spam.

This past evening, I was reading one of my friends post on FB and she commented on what her grandmother used to call a  "frog eyed sandwich."     How many of you have ever had one of these?
How many of you even know what I'm talking about?  

The truth is, I had never heard of a frog eyed sandwich before.   This is a fried egg sandwich!   How cool is that?

What kind of dishes do you remember having as a kid, and did any of them have any strange names?

I might just serve up some "Frog eyed sandwiches" this evening!



Ginny said...

I have never heard of the name for this sandwich either. My mom made a strange dish!!! You took little bundles of cooked spaghetti and wrapped a slice of bacon around each one. You then lined them up in a baking dish and poured about an inch of evaporated milk over the whole thing and baked it till the bacon was crispy. Wait!!! Don't barf yet!!! As the bacon cooked, grease would come out, but the milk absorbed it. A taste unlike anything...

Ginny said...

Yikes, comment moderation?

Ginny said...

Oh good grief!! Again I am forgetting who has moderation and who doesn't!! Sorry!!! And I remember when you started it.

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

We had fried egg sandwiches a lot, but we didn't call them frog eyed sandwiches. Too cute! I remember eating grits with red eye gravy - for dinner. I think the American Heart Association has ruled so many foods we used to love as unhealthy. Too bad!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I remember sauerkraut and weiners! And fried egg sandwiches, but I never heard them called frog eyes. LOL! I wondered when I saw your title what is Shug talking about!! :)

I remember when growing up on the farm that my mother cooked a lot of food because dad often had some help and there would be extra mouths to feed. She usually put the food back in the pans and left them on the stove or counter until supper time. Well, meat was put in the refrigerator. But, we never got food poisoning from food sitting out. I still prefer down-home cooking like that my mother made, but I do refrigerate everything after a meal if there are leftovers!

Grandma Bonnie said...

We always had sauerkraut and wieners when I was growing up. I have served it to my children and they were not big fans of the sauerkraut. But recently three out of four of my children have started eating sauerkraut often. Go figure when they are not living at home they will eat anything I can cook up.

Dar said...

Kuchen, all kinds made by my Grandmother but I remember loving the Poppyseed Kuchen the best...and the stories that went with it's preparation...things we should cherish, write down, remember always.
Mom used to always make Fruit Soup with good. How about hog jowels and saurkraut or Blood Sausage...I couldn't even look at that, let alone eat it. It was part of the waste-nothing-of the-pig. Dad used to say that his Mama and Daddy used to eat every part of the pig except the squeal!

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