Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, February 7, 2011

It Hurts To Say Goodbye

Thank you for stopping by....I think I need a shoulder to cry on!

          I have to say goodbye today to something that I have become attached to.........something that has been a part of my life for the past (Almost) 39 years...I really do have a tear in my eye.  I know this is crazy, but go ahead and call me crazy!

I am definitely a very sentimental person....and I love being this way, even if Sam does tell me that "I'm always on a sentimental journey."   How can a person not enjoy traveling down this road?   


I guess Sam and I are both pretty STABLE people.  In this day and time, who keeps the same phone number and the same Post Office Box number for 39 years?  Now, I can't say that we haven't moved in the past 39 years (I think we have built 5 different homes) but these two numbers have managed to stay with us.'s kinda like,  WHO WILL BE THE NEXT OWNER OF OUR old phone number?
Will it be someone that is stable, and will they give this number the total respect it deserves?

       I know....what difference does it make...The matter here is that this number has always been a part of us. Shoot... what will the IRS think?  This number is on every single return we have ever filed.

Needless to say, we are going totally WIRELESS.  I suppose we already have.  We made the drastic change two weeks ago.  I just have not had the courage to call the phone company and say those words "Disconnect Please."

What will be next?  Oh, I know there will be something in the future that will require me to give up my one and only Cell Number.  When that time comes, I hope it will be easier on me.

YES,  I am a sentimental person.  My mother passed away five years ago, but I can't seem to remove HER cell phone number from my phone.  I never dial the number, but I know that it is there and that.... my friend.... brings me comfort!

Again, I must say thank you for stopping by and for lending me your shoulder to cry on.  Tomorrow is a new day...and if you need to reach me, call my cell!!

Shug Sez........

Do you think it was difficult for our great-grandparents to make changes in life?  Like having to build a NEW "Outhouse" and having to tear down the only one they had ever had.     Just a thought!


Trish said...

I love that you're sentimental over things like that. ;)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Oh, I totally understand...I'm sentimental too. It's hard for me to part with most things. Take old clothes...this is probably weird, but I feel like I'm throwing away part of the person if it's something that's been worn a lot. Good luck!

Mom on the go said...

The first thought I had when you and dad said you were going wireless was "what about the phone number?" I was sad when you told me too. I guess that makes me sentimental like you.

Country Dreaming said...

Change is hard for all of us. We still have our landline--WE haven't gotten rid of it yet,
Not sure if we will. If we did that would be the time the cell phones needed charging and ther was an emergency.

Take Care and Good Luck.


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