Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Priceless Moment

How long has it been since you have experienced a "Priceless Moment?"

First of all I must say that I am truly married to the greatest guy on earth.  It is those unexpected, not even the slightest idea, out of the ordinary moments that I love...They take me to the clouds and make me feel appreciated. 

My sweet husband surprised me with one of those moments yesterday morning. 

 If we are in town, we are almost always at Church on Sunday morning.  But.....out of the blue, he informed me that we would not be going to church because he had something planned.  What could it possibly Be?

My only instructions were to wear my brand new tennis shoes that he had just bought for me last week....I'm beginning to really wander at this point, because I am not a sneaker wearing kind of person.  Where could we be going?

Without me knowing about it, he filled the cooler with drinks and packed all the necessary items for a picnic.  He stopped by a BBQ restaurant and picked up our lunch and off we went.  What a surprise and a surprise that I really needed.  He had planned for us to drive out to the State Park and enjoy a nice quite picnic by the lake........

He found the perfect spot with a fantastic view of the lake for our picnic.  We could here people from across the lake as they paddled their canoes and we could also hear the splashing sound of the water as kids took a daring swim in
the chilly water.  Sam and I both enjoyed a delicious meal and we chatted about the craziest of things. 

There was this one little honey bee that had the mind set that it was the boss of our table.  I tempted it with a left over rib and that little bugger had itself a wonderful time.....

(This is that little bugger)

Sam read the newspaper while I attempted to get a picture of a falling leaf.  This is one hard thing to do.  I really think that I was so caught up in watching the beautiful display of each leaf as it danced it's way down, that I was never quick enough to take the picture before it fell to the ground. 

 It was a perfect picnic and I was so at peace with all of my surroundings.  The "Shug-6" bug was waiting for us as we started to load everything up.  The top was down and the drive through the park was so relaxing as the fresh air blew against our faces.  What a Great Day....What a Day of great surprises and What a wonderful day it was to enjoy with the one I love. 

(I love this old bench made of logs)

                                         (So Peaceful...So Relaxing)

Shug Sez.....

The smallest and simplest surprises........ Priceless Moments!


marshas said...

How Sweet & a GREAT idea - Sometimes we need those moments just to relax and enjoy and this is a great time of the year to do it - Good Idea Sam!!

Mom on the go said...

I have the most wonderful dad...can't believe he didn't invite us!!! LOL

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