Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, October 1, 2010

Life Changes....Childhood Cancer

Because of Blood Donors....I can RUN....
I can PLAY BASKETBALL.....I can Live!

This is a page that Tucker put together to go in  the news letter for "The Carter Blood Bank" three and a half years ago....

If you will notice at the bottom of my blog, there is a huge article that the blood bank did on Tucker when he was first diagnosed with Leukemia.....It is true...these kids would have no chance if it were not for blood donors, so please give blood to save a life.

Childhood cancer is a devastating disease.   The journey is overwhelming and it can cause many physical and emotional challenges.  It not only changes the child that has had to endure these challenges, but it alters his families life as well.

Everything does not go back to being just the way it was before the diagnosis.  The chemo treatments and the heavy doses of steroids can cause damage to muscles and to the bones.  A lot of times these kids have symptoms of neuropathy that can last for several years.  Others might experience significant nerve damage to certain areas of their feet, legs, hands and arms.  Tucker is doing home therapy to correct the damage that has caused the tendons in his feet and legs to draw up and become weak.  This can be corrected with much hard work and time......

In the past Tucker was always a natural at playing sports.  He had great athletic abilities and his coordination was very good for a child his age.  Today, his coordination is lacking somewhat due to damages caused by the chemo treatments and by the steroids that he had to take. 

I am extremely proud of Tucker today.  He has found a new love in a  sport that allows him to use his strength in other areas of his body.  Tucker and his Pops have discovered Archery!
They both are now Bow hunters in the sport of hunting for deer.  This has given him something to be excited about and every single day you can find him outside practicing shooting with his bow and arrows. 

His beautiful smiles have returned and I can see the happiness in his heart.  Just this past week he was outside practicing and he shot an arrow right into the end of another arrow.  I would say that this is pretty good. 

I am so thankful for what God has done in Tucker's life. 

This Saturday is the opening for bow season.  Tucker is extremely excited and I am praying that God will allow him to use his new found abilities to kill his first deer.....
Keep your fingers crossed with me because I am hoping to post a  picture of this terrific kid with a gigantic smile on his face the day of opening season.....standing beside the deer he shot!

Shug sez.......

Thank you Lord for your healing power!

1 comment:

Katharine said...

Lovely post, Fingers crossed for that first deer!
Have a great weekend!

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