Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fill My Cup

I am sitting here enjoying a nice warm cup of coffee and I feel good.....

Nothing better in the early morning time than a good cup of coffee or a cup of warm Hot Chocolate!  Yummy, Yum, Yum.....

As strange as this may seem to some of you, I am not as picky about the coffee as I am about the cup...

The perfect cup is not too tall and definitely not to short.  I don't like china and I'm not extremely fond of Styrofoam cups either. 

                  These cups are not for me.....

My coffee gets cold too fast...If I'm going to drink coffee then I want the stuff to be HOT!!

Now take a look at this sweet thing....This is my coffee mug..
Can you read it?  It says....Worrying does not empty Tomorrow of it's Troubles...It Empties Today of it's Strength.

How good are those words?  These are words that I often need to hear and I am so thankful that they are written right there on my mug.

I will be honest with you and say that it is very rare that I ever have the opportunity to sit quietly and sip a a fresh brewed cup of coffee....I suppose I could do this every morning if I wanted my day to start at 4 A.M.  But guess what....I DON'T WANT TO.

I have always heard that a Happy Home is a Busy Home....My sweet mother-in-law  reminds me from time to time about this....And, I will say that it  is true.  I love my home and I love all the people that are constantly stopping by.  I would positively say that it is never boring at Sugar and Pop's house.  I love having a home that welcomes others, but just to let you know....It's not very Quite around here (EVER)

NO... it's not, aside from having revolving doors in and out of our home, we have several other things that make a lot of noise.  

We have TVs that are constantly going and not all of them are on the same program.  We have Taylor's music that is always playing and then there is the microwave button that dings over and over when it has finished cooking their food.  We have the house phones, the fax machine, Sam's cell phone, Taylor's cell phone, the door bell ringing, and Bella barking.... 

When I am home by myself, it is usually so quite that you Really can hear a pin drop and I like it this way...Gives me time to recharge my mind.

Oh, the sounds of life, you gotta love em'.  But, I think for now, I'll sit back and slowly finish this wonderful cup of coffee (from my favorite cup) and dream of my next escape!!


Oh Lord....Fill my cup and may my focus constantly be on you!

1 comment:

marshas said...

I have a few different cups I love - mostly with chickens on them, but on Sunday mornings I like to drink out of a cup similar to the liberty blue cup. Makes me feel special on Sunday! And I also enjoy the quiet sometimes!

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