Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, April 16, 2010

Boy, was I wrong....

I'm Not one that likes to have my sleep disturbed...I guess that was a crazy statement....Who likes to have their sleep disturbed?

Last night was one of those nights.  I was so tired when I went to bed, and I thought that I would probably sleep so sound throughout the entire night.  Boy, was I WRONG,

First of all I did not eat until around 8 because I was waiting on Sam to get home.  When he does get home, he tells me he is not hungry and wasn't going to eat.  Duh....I could have eaten hours ago if I had known last night was going to be the one night a year that he decides he isn't hungry.

Anyways, I had acid reflux all night...I could feel it and it was burning enough to wake me up, but I would just lay there and I guess I was hoping it would go away by itself.  Too lazy to get up and take the little purple pill.  Finally around 4:00 I decided I really needed to get up and take it. 

But that is not all that kept me awake...Sam decided to educate himself on the computer last night.  He woke up and was researching some information about a new medication he is taking.  Then he decided to play solitare for what seemed to be hours. 

Along with that, he decided to turn the air UP.  I like it to be cool in the house, especially when I sleep. His blood must be getting thin, beacause he was cold and decided everyone else was too.
Early this morning I guess I really was sleeping good, cause I had a 8:20 appointment. I woke up around 7:00 and was running way behind.  I can not stand to go off with my bed not made up.  But that is for another blog! Thank goodness I did make it...

Maybe tonight will be a better night...We all probably will be tired because we are fixing to spend the rest of the day fishing.

See Ya! 

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