Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, March 18, 2018

She believed she she did!!

She Believed she could, so she did!!!

I have talked about my niece many times and most of you already know that she had a brain injury at the young age of ....... 3.

The story goes like this......Tammy, along with her family, 

were traveling down an old country road on a Sunday afternoon, some 39 years ago......August 20, 1978.

As their vehicle approached a hill, another car was coming from the other direction.  Being a single lane country road, both vehicles were  in the middle of the road.   This resulted in a head-on collision, which killed my sister and her husband. (the kids step-dad)     Tammy, along with her brother and sister all had multiple injuries and broken bones.  Tammy's head hit the dash of their car, which caused damage to her brain.

My parents became their care-givers and guardians.  Tammy's brain injury left her with damage to the right side of her body, with very limited use in her right hand.  Because of the brain damage, her intellectual disability does not allow for her to make
the responsible decisions that are needed for her to be a self-functioning adult.

My parents are now deceased, and since Tammy is unable to care for herself, brothers and my niece, along with Sam and myself, all work together to take care of her.  

She attends Breckenridge Village, which is a residential community for adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.   

I am extremely thankful for this place and I am also thankful that BVT is located, only about 10 miles from where we live!!!

When Tammy first started attending the day program there, the staff at BVT set up specific guidelines to help Tammy, according to her particular needs.

One thing that they did, was to start her on a therapy program to help improve the use of her right hand.

For 3 long years now, Tammy has worked hard to achieve a goal.   The goal was to squeeze a ball and in doing so, a penguin would pop up out of the ball.  

I am happy to say that this past week.....She finally was able to squeeze that ball and make the penguin pop up!

This is huge!!

~She believed she she did!!!!~

If you have never witnessed the excitement of a great accomplishment from a disabled have no idea what you have missed.   

Such a simple thing to those of us who have no disabilities, but such a HUGE and amazing happening to those who have struggles.  

Determination has helped her reach this goal...

Thank you Lord for the miracles in Tammy's life.

Shug 🌹

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Two Pigs and a Rabbit.....

Two little piggies.....Dean and Wilbur!  These are the grandkids show pigs.  "Dean" belongs to Tori and "Wilbur" belongs to Trey.

I was there the day that these two little piggies were delivered to the pen.  They were both so very small and just as cute as can be.

Look at them now!!!!!  👀   The white one is Dean

and here is Wilbur.

These pigs have GROWN!

Next week is our County "Life Stock Show" and the kids will be showing "Dean" and "Wilbur."

We also will be showing a RABBIT....  This will be Mylee's first year to show, and she is so excited about showing the rabbit.

Fun times for the kids and such a learning experience for them as well.  I'm hoping they all do great with their Pigs and Rabbit!


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