Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, August 1, 2016

It is that time of the year again....the time that I always dread.   My girls have to go back to work.   It's School time!!!

And just a short time after that...the kids all start back to school.   :(   Sad face from me.

The summers seem to be getting shorter and shorter for teachers and kids!   I a kid...we did not start school until after Labor Day! was always OUT by the middle of May!!

If way back 1959, the school calendar was anything like it is now, I would have had to wait until the next year to start to school.   My Birthday is at the END of August!!

Who of you...remembers these??

This was one of my favorites!!

My friends and I, always sang as we played on this thing...

Aw.....and the famous SeeSaw!!  This was another great one....unless someone jumped off and left you to free fall!!! Yikes!!

I guess I'll just have to put my big girl panties on and not pout about them all starting a new school year.... and leaving me at home!!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Backyard Happenings.....

My Backyard squirrel....."Earl Jr." is doing his best to "HOG"
all of the sunflower seeds that I put out for the Red Birds.

This stinker must have eaten all day and all night, because he emptied this feeder in just two days!

I watched him a good bit of the time and I can tell you that he was a determined fella.   The next week, I moved the feeder to the side of our driveway and hung it on a plant rack.   Again, he found a way to get to the curved rack, and he emptied the feeder.

This is the first year that my variegated hydrangea has bloomed.   Not sure what this one is called...but it really is pretty.

My backyard "knockout Roses" have produced a lot of gorgeous roses this year....   With this Texas heat, I hope I can keep them alive....

If any of you are wondering about "Earl Senior"......well that's another story for another time.....

Earl Jr......might need to keep his distance from grandson #2.....Tucker!!!!


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Yes....My Grandkids Rock

Yes....My Grandkids Rock