Shug...My Steps of Faith

Shug...My Steps of Faith

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools

Shame on me!!!  Days like to today can sure add a lot of laughter to the soul....                              if you plan out the               details.....CAREFULLY

What day is it?????

It's April Fools Day......and I did it up good!

I love my sweet, sweet son-in-law {Tom}

and when you love people, you often think of them.   

This morning....I was passing their house, and I suddenly remembered that today was April Fools Day.

I couldn't resist......

It's not an unusual thing for me to call Tom, at least a couple times during the year, to ask if they intended to leave their garage door up.  

Some mornings are just busy and one or the other {Tom or Shanda} will drive out the driveway....while forgetting to put the door down.  

Now keep in mind that they live on a Farm to Market road, and several homes in the area have been broken into over the past few years.

Anyways.....this morning, I called Tom's cell phone and when he answered, I said:  "Hey Tom, just wanted to check to see if you left your garage door up on purpose?  There is a truck in your driveway and they are loading up your 4 wheeler.  Is someone taking it to work on it?"   

I could hear the stress in his voice!!!  Before I could even say: "April Fools"....he hung the phone up.

Yep...I knew without a doubt what he was doing.  He was looking for the number to call the police!!!

I immediately called him back and thank goodness he answered!  He was already in his truck, headed to Chandler and YES, he was looking for the # to phone the police.

I said:  "Tom, Tom.....April Fools!

What a sigh he gave off.  NO...he wasn't mad at me.  He was just so relieved to know the truth!!

He laughed, and I am still laughing!!!

He has told me several times today...."That I GOT HIM."

Yep, I sure did!!!

It almost backfired on me, but I was able to save myself from being picked up and hauled off to jail for this hilarious prank.

I could just see the Headlines now:

"April Fools joke lands East Texas Woman in jail."   lol.....

Isn't life FUN!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Pull Off the Boots and Enjoy Spring...

Blurry as it may be....I still think this picture is showing signs of pure beauty.

I must admit...traveling down the road and snapping a picture is NOT the best way to take photos.   Rest assured, I was not driving!   Sam was!!  When I saw these gorgeous tulips, I immediately took the shot.

This beauty is in my yard.  This is a Weeping Flowering Peach tree....called: "Crimson Cascade." 

   It is full of blooms and it would have had many more.....if {I} had not trimmed the thing.    Oh my..I can still see the reaction on Sam's face, when he came home one day after work, to find that I had trimmed his precious jewel.  

The Azaleas are starting to bloom!!

The "Red Bud" trees are covered in blooms this year!

And.....the ponds are all FULL..

Great time to do some fishing!!

I think Mylee caught a "pine cone" instead of a fish!

A great day to pull off the boots and enjoy Spring!!


Shug ~
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Yes....My Grandkids Rock

Yes....My Grandkids Rock