Shug...My Steps of Faith

Shug...My Steps of Faith

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving week......

Picked up the Greenberg Turkey today and the smoke flavored aroma that filled my car, made me hungry all the way home....

The grocery list is now complete!!

and now to COOK!

Lots to do....this week!

Happy Thanksgiving Dear Friends......



Thursday, November 19, 2015

All About the Broth.....

Never.....does it turn out like my moms!

Southern Cornbread Dressing........

Here it is, Thursday before Thanksgiving (Thursday) and I'm stressing over the Dressing.   I've made dressing many times, but it never comes out, tasting or looking like my mom's dressing did.

Why is it that all the (many) questions that we need to ask our mom's.....seem to be asked too late?  It has been 10 years since my mom's passing, and I have so many questions that will never get answered.    Why did I not pay more attention to the small details in life?     Like.....How to make dressing the way you did mom!!

Mother was one of those cooks that did not have to measure.....she just knew!!  I have a list of all the ingredients that she used in her dressing.....just not the measurements.   Onion and celery (check)
Butter (check) Cornbread (check) dry bread (check) eggs (check) Sage and Poultry Seasonings (check)  Broth (????)

I don't know how much broth she used, nor the consistency of the dressing with the broth added.....just before going into the oven.

Seems like a simple thing doesn't it?'s not...NOT FOR ME!

I tried looking this up on Pinterest and other cooking websites, but I haven't found a recipe that seems to measure up!!

The broth added ranges from 2 cups to 5 cups.....BIG DIFFERENCE HERE..

If only I had paid closer attention!!

So.....for all my blog friends who make Southern Cornbread Dressing.....  I'd love to hear how you make your dressing....

After all.....It's all about the BROTH, bout the BROTH, bout the BROTH.

If you still have your mom......Ask questions...write them down...don't wait until it's too late!!
Hugs dear friends...

Shug ~

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