Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, February 5, 2016

Lesson Learned

Very few of us wish to admit that we sometimes experience "Ridiculous Failures."

                                     Not Me.....For Sure!!

Have you ever felt just plain ignorant due to a POOR choice that you have made?  A poor choice made.....simply because you were a little to zealous about something....and lacking self-control.   

This happened to me a few months ago!  The only good thing about this situations is:  it has turned out to be one of those "Life Lessons" that we all have to learn from time to time.

It all happened when I came upon an item that really caught my eye!  (The important thing here is not... what the item was, but the lesson learned from my actions)
I fell in love with this item.....and I selfishly wanted it to be mine!!  

Before you judge me (LOL) let me just say that I am normally pretty good about paying attention to the prices of things.   In this particular case....I DID NOT!
It didn't even have a price tag on I was just assuming that it probably cost what (I) thought it was worth.

Mistake #1.

My thinking the high end ~~ it might cost $50.00.  
I truly thought that it would be even less than that!!

Without asking the price.....I simply said:  " I want it!"

WOW...I really cannot believe that I did that.

As I made my way to the counter....and the clerk delivered the shocking truth to me.....I could feel this feeling of 
WRONG saturating my skin.   My purchase was not the $50.00 that I thought it might would be.....It was not even $75.00......

It was over a $100.00!!

I cannot even begin to explain how I felt inside.....
But what I can tell you is.... it wasn't good.

Crud.....what had I just done?  Of course, I was way too embarrassed to tell the clerk that the item was more than I had expected to pay and that I would need to put it back.

It wasn't that I didn't have the money.....I just knew in my heart that it was ridiculous for me to pay this kind of price for the item.  

I pulled out my wallet and paid CASH for the thing!  

Guilt??   oh yes!!

I felt tons of guilt......and the Holy Spirit was right there in me ~ trying to Direct me ~ BUT....I was gonna handle this on my own.

Pride stood in my way!

I am now.....the guilty feeling owner of this item and do you know what?  I feel uncomfortable each time I look at it.   

It wasn't worth the price!

There are several things to be learned from this situation...

1.  Materialistic things are just that....materialistic! Not Important!!
2.  Don't be so full of Pride
3.  Listen....when the Holy Spirit is directing you
4.  Admit your mistakes
5. Have Self-Control.

Hope you all have a Blessed day!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Barns and Fences

I enjoy FENCE day so very much.   Reason why.....because I am attracted to fences and of course Barns!  

I guess this makes me a True....Good ol'....Texan!

I took this picture of the roses that are in our backyard.....just a few days ago!   Hard to believe that it was January and that we had roses blooming.

All of my BFF's know how much I love old Barns.   You wouldn't believe how many Barn pictures I have!!   When I see a gorgeous OLD Barn.....with weathered sidings and a rusted old roof....It just speaks excitement to me!   Can you imagine the stories that an old barn could tell.....if it could speak!!  lol.

Last but not least.......take a look at this precious thang......hanging out in our backyard.   This is a piece of an Old peddle car that Sam has hanging on our back fence....The squirrels "Love" to hang out on it.    

It's such fun.....going out to explore new images for Fence day.

I'm joining "Good Fences" today....

Warm Texas Hugs....

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