Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Whirlwinds can be scary....they can be powerful.....and at times they can be deadly.    They can also be interesting to watch... {for some people}  There can even be whirlwind Romances!  

 Did you know that whirlwinds are mentioned several times in the Bible?

I actually feel as if I have experienced all of these things this weekend......So, I guess you could say I've been in a whirlwind.

Just look at these beautiful pictures of my lights!!!  
Sam worked all yesterday morning....hanging lights in my backyard.   I love they way they look.  

While he worked {so hard} in the yard.....I spent the morning at a Wedding Shower.  This cute little couple....well, they're like family.  Jake and Kailey......Jake is a first cousin to our grands on their dads side.

It was an awesome shower....They received so many wonderful gifts, and the ladies giving the shower did an outstanding job putting it together.  They served Mexican food, and each part of the meal was packaged in the cutest little bags, containers, and cups!  I'm so disappointed that I didn't get any pictures!!!  Very organized!

I came home and changed clothes so I could attend a funeral for a very dear lady in our church.  Earlier that morning....I fixed a casserole dish and delivered it to the church....Before going to the shower.  

This sweet lady was a young 51 years old.  She leaves behind her husband and 2 sons.  It was a beautiful home-going for Tracy.  

After the funeral, Sam and I went over to the hospital to see his cousin.  Patti has been battling cancer for several months now and has been in and out of the hospital numerous times.  Patti is our age and not only did she and Sam grow up as BEST cousin friends, but she and her family have always been so very special to us.  We have so many memories of crazy things that we have all done, over the years.  Special memories that last a lifetime.  

Our news while sitting with her at the hospital was not so good.  Her cancer is roaring it's ugly head and we can only hope for a miracle.  God is able!!

Again, this morning, we were at the hospital......sitting with Patti.  
It breaks my heart to see this beautiful lady....fighting for her life.

These past few days,  I have celebrated a "New beginning" and a "Celebration of life."   It has truly been a whirlwind kind of weekend.  

Enjoy your Blessings of each new day!

Shug 🌹

Monday, May 14, 2018

I know for sure that I will not be roller blading anytime during this season of my life.......  doing the "Chicken Dance" is all together a different thing.   I do believe that I can possibly dance like a chicken.  It might not be pretty, but it's movement!

My mind tells me that I'm spunky enough to do anything, but my body is screaming...."are you crazy....these old muscles have really shrunk ...and don't you dare think of stretching them!"

 Do you know what the fastest way to age is?  Especially after the collagen has dried up like a overcooked turkey?   It's losing weight! I haven't set any records on weight loss...or anything like that, but I have managed to lose a few pounds.   Heck....I thought losing weight was suppose to make you look better!!

The weight "genie" didn't bother asking me where I wanted to lose the weight at!  I certainly didn't want to lose it near a WRINKLE!!

What I've discovered is that Aging is not a disease!!  Let me repeat that.....Aging is not a disease.   It's Life!!

Aging doesn't have to be a number, and this is why I am still 49 for the fifteenth year......!  

My friends are my age......well, they're not 49....but most of us did graduate together back in 71'....   Even though we have seen many changes in life, our social vision has not changed at all.   We are all still active, and we always have a bag we can hit the road and explore new adventures!

Have you ever stood at a cosmetic counter, reading and looking and reading and looking for the very BEST cream to take away the wrinkles?  This is gonna sound a little gruff coming from me, but every label is L-Y-I-N-G.   It's not true....these creams do not remove a decade of wrinkles.   They are deceiving us aging folks.

I'm on the verge of going naked!!  NOT my body!  I'm on the verge of going "face" naked..... Reason why?  because I slap on the creams and oils that are suppose to make me young looking....then I add the eye shadow and the eyeliner, which looks good for about an hour.  

Then it happens!!  The oil in the creams causes the make up the smear.   Especially eye make-up!  The next thing I know, I have huge black eye boogers in the corners of my eyes.    Oh, I know there are "Water Proof" make ups on the market....but, they're NOT
OIL PROOF from all the cream it takes to smooth the face.

Eye Cream....Eye Brow cream.....face cream....night cream....extra relief night cream....    I can only hope that this cream is not seeping in and clogging up my brain.  

Well.....this is my thoughts on aging!

As they say...aging is better than the alternative..

The truth is....There is Beauty in's called happiness!!

Shug 🌹

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