Tuesday, August 18, 2020

 Well Folks.....you may seriously have to be from TEXAS to understand the humor in my header picture.  

This came up on my Facebook page and I immediately laughed.  I know exactly just how difficult it is to try to open or close a gate, on a HOT summer day.   The heat from the iron fence or locks, will scorch your hands....

We have really had some hot days this past week!  I am so very thankful for air conditioning to say the least!

Other News...... we celebrated with an Engagement dinner for grandson #2 {Tucker} and his fiancĂ©, Emily.

Their wedding is planned for May 25, 2021 and we are all looking forward to a destination wedding.


Yesterday was the first day of school for Mylee Jo.

She was not a fan of wearing the mask all day long.  By the time she got home, she had a big headache.

First day of Jr High was a little different to say the least.


Keelan started Kindergarten yesterday......
His is all virtual learning, but hey....everyone has to have a first day of school picture.

Grandson #4 {Trey} is a Senior this year, and he is doing virtual learning as well.   Lol....he has worked hard all summer, growing the beard and letting his hair grow out!  Oh geez...this Shug is hoping he decides to cut the hair and shave the beard SOON.

This guy right here has the sweetest personality and is always full of laughs!


Hope all of your kids and grandkids are having a great start to a new school year.   

Enjoy your day and if you live in the South....try to stay COOL.   


Sunday, August 2, 2020

This has been one of those "Bittersweet" weekends.....You know, the one where you move your Only daughter (for Trista and Ty), and your First granddaughter (for Sam and I) .......away to College.  We are all so happy for her, but we sure do love having her around.

Tori packed all last week for her very first adventure of being on her own.  We are all excited for her to experience this little journey.

Here she is with her Pops.....she calls him "HeHaw," as we celebrated {her} moving to college, last Friday evening, with a dinner at Olive Garden.  Her very favorite place to eat. 

Me and the two granddaughters......Tori & Mylee.

Mylee, and her mom and dad, drove down to help make sure that Tori was all settled in to her new (Beautiful) condo......and so did the newest addition to our family, a cute puppy named Lucy.

Meet Lucy!!!

It did not take any time at all for Lucy to make herself comfortable in the middle of the pillows on Tori's bed.   Isn't this adorable?

Sure going to miss the girl....

Shug ~

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