Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Monday, August 1, 2016

It is that time of the year again....the time that I always dread.   My girls have to go back to work.   It's School time!!!

And just a short time after that...the kids all start back to school.   :(   Sad face from me.

The summers seem to be getting shorter and shorter for teachers and kids!   I a kid...we did not start school until after Labor Day! was always OUT by the middle of May!!

If way back 1959, the school calendar was anything like it is now, I would have had to wait until the next year to start to school.   My Birthday is at the END of August!!

Who of you...remembers these??

This was one of my favorites!!

My friends and I, always sang as we played on this thing...

Aw.....and the famous SeeSaw!!  This was another great one....unless someone jumped off and left you to free fall!!! Yikes!!

I guess I'll just have to put my big girl panties on and not pout about them all starting a new school year.... and leaving me at home!!



Ruth Hiebert said...

Going back to school seems to be part of the rhythm of life.I will be heading back to bus driving right after Labor Day.

Debbie said...

Loved the pics you posted. In Olney Texas our high school desks looked just like those in the 70s. We didn't have a stove like that in those high ceilinged rooms. There were radiators that only kept you warm if you sat on them. We wore our coats in the winter. Our house has those high ceilings. It's high school all over again! :D Those play grounds look spooky!

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

I remember all of those- especially the see-saw..that was such fun. We would get two or three girls on each side and see who could hang on the longest. The merry go rounds were fun, but always made me a bit sea sick. I loved the climbers too...but since we wore dresses to school, I could only climb up so far.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love that old schoolroom picture. Yes, I remember all of these! School starts here next week! I am like you, we did not go back till September and we got out in mid May. I sometimes think the world has gone mad. Do you happen to know the reason for this big change of the schools? I cannot imagine why.

carolann said...

I guess you had summer on a long vacation. I never seen you on for months.

Yes summer is almost over. I am sort of happy as now we can go to the store without having all the tourists pushing and shoving.

Live in a wee town and when tourists come. Look out. Ha-ha.
My oldest granddaughter graduated to be a teacher. her brother now is going to University Sports school.

My other Granddaughter is going to University to be a Lawyer.

My son and wife have moved away to new house. Boo, Ho as in winter it is a snow belt place for us to travel.

Oh I know those things of fun you showed. Fun when I was a kid. Sometimes it made me rather sing the one that goes around. Teeter Todder I liked.

Nice pictures.Thanks for sharing.

Betsy Adams said...

Going back to school does seem to get earlier and earlier.. BUT---I don't think the kids these days are in school as long as we were.. There are so many vacations throughout the year which we never got... AND---here in TN., our kids are out for snow days, about 20 or so days a year... AND---did you know that (at least here)--if a school is in session for only 2-3 hours, they call that an entire day.... Sometimes I wonder how much learning is going on??????? BUT--I'm sure it's different in Texas.

My daughter-in-law teaches in GA --and her first day back was today...


Melinda said...

I'm just going to have to put mine on and NOT pout about having to go back soooo early! I am sure your girls are feeling the same way.

I really have not figured out why school has to start so early.
Like you I did not go back until after Labor day and we were out
by the end of May. I think it has something to so with all the
professional time and conferences.
Let's go back to an easier time!!

Enjoy the last days with your kids.

M : )

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