Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Friday, April 22, 2016

Blind Spots in Life

Hey there......

I'm so glad to be here....on my Blog...TODAY!

I do believe that I'm getting closer to figuring this out!  We all have our very own Blind spots in life and I know that I have sure had a blindfold on, for a while now.  My blind spot has been caused by my own failure to reach the potentials that I know are mine.

I had to take some time to figure out why I was struggling so much with my blogging.  After much thought....I realized that I have walked away from my original intent on having a blog in the first place.   

I love my camera and I love taking pictures.....but the fact that I have been trying so hard to make sure that I was including pictures in my post each day.....was simply wearing me out.   I live a busy life and I really do not have the time, nor the opportunity to get out there and find things to snap photos of.....that will be interesting to everyone or will go with every post that I write.

I forgot that my blogging was first intended to help me keep up with my love of journaling life.....and along the meet a whole lot of wonderful blogging friends!  

I also forgot that I intended for my thoughts to be an inspiration to others.  To perhaps touch someone's life in a way that only God could possibly understand.  I wanted God to use me to deliver Hope to those who may be needing a word of encouragement...   I also wanted God to help me share my love for HIM, with others.   

I started out doing all these things and I found myself to be very content.   But.....somewhere along the way, I got a little distracted....trying to keep up with what others might be doing on their blog.   I found this to be a chore....and I was beginning to lose my love for writing.   I was reaching for more followers and more comments, which are great things to have....but not if it means that my focus in writing is being neglected.

I want what I have to come from my heart!  This isn't to say that I won't ever post photos, are come up with something way off the wall to write about.......But I do intend to get back into writing the things that are real and true to me.  

I'm ready to be back enjoying what I love to do!!

Hugs to all of you....


Ruth Hiebert said...

GOOD NEWS! You have a wonderful way of putting words and thoughts together.Many of your posts have spoken to me and I know that will continue.Each one of us id unique and different.I need to have pictures,before I can put my thoughts down,you can speak without the pictures. Does any of this make sense? I know what I want to say,but sometimes it comes out wrong. Anyway,looking forward to reading each of your posts and receiving the blessings that are there.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, I'll admit that I DEFINITELY read your blogs for the words and not just the pictures...I have blog friends who are GREAT writers (like you) who NEVER add pictures ---and I NEVER MISS those posts... We are all different when it comes to blogging... We have different skills and talents and we have different interests... I personally do not like most of the memes which so many of my friends participate in ---unless they write interesting things to go with the photos... It's the WORDS which truly capture my attention. BUT--others are not like me. Some people get over 100 comments simply by posting a few pictures with nothing much said about them...SO---I say: Each to his own.

As you know, I cut my blogging WAY down (because of no time to be sitting at this computer for hours and hours)... I did it not because I don't have something to say (I ALWAYS have something to say... ha ha ) but because I do not have time to visit others' blogs every time they post. And I was feeling guilty for not visiting..

I began cutting down and only visiting others on occasion ---trying to keep up but without guilt... I had to work hard on that ---but finally, I think I have figured out how to make it work for me. You will figure it out also... I used to have a specific day or days to post blogs--but don't really have that anymore. I just post when I get something interesting to share.

YES---when I quit visiting others often, I DID lose some followers but the 'regulars' are still with me --and those are my TRUE blog friends... They UNDERSTAND...

Good Luck, Shug.... You are very talented ---so share with us your thoughts when you have something to say... I LOVE it.


Pam said...

It's good to see you back, Shug! It's good to take a break once in a while and recharge. You're always an inspiration and I love that you say it all with meaning, straight from your heart! Take care

Debbie said...

Yee HA! Glad you're staying. I know what you mean by pictures. Taking them, uploading, resizing....blah, blah...You've set me aright too.

carolann said...

Hi Shrug.

That was a well written blog. I just sent you a email private. You were on my mind. Not knowing you were returning to be back till now. I happen to have one more read on two blogs.

I enjoy your writings. You and little Laurie from I love a Cloudy Day. Plus Diane are my fav writers. You get my attention. Right on .

You all write from the heart. And I like how you share your faith like I do. We do not hide them under a bushel . We show the light. And he is the light. With out the Lord. We sink.

I do not all the time have the time to comment others . When I do it will be when I am not busy. Life at home is busy right now.
I have learned to write for me and if someone wants to drop over. I am appreciative.

I am not a writer like you gals are. Sometimes when I write I can go on and on. Perhaps turn people off. So better I think. Write for me. Good therapy. Lord we all need that time after time.

I like to draw, do digital themes. And I thank you for your comments.

Right now I am due for a cataract moved in a week or so. Anyhow it is your blog.

Come back when you feel the time is right for you. And we all love you .

I enjoy your blogs very much. My young son has written two books. And he did not have to go through all the lopes and holes of doing this and that expensive. Any art work he needs has his big brother who is a graphic artist. He did all his book binding self. Wife read it all gave him thumbs up. Go for it. And he sold by word of mouth. All things are possible with God. I enjoy your written humor. Glad you figured out your Senor moment in the car. Tee,hee.

Michelle said...

Glad you will be sticking around :)

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