Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Never Too Old to Learn.....

We are never too old to learn new things...

Take for instance, TODAY!  I learned something new!

I have NEVER been a a matter of fact, I despise the use of bad language.  It is my personal belief that swearing is a big reflection of a person's weak character.

Even that four letter word that begins with a S and ends with a T.   I hear people say that this particular word is definitely NOT a cuss word.....because it happens!!  

I'm not buying that!!  It is so easy for us all to make excuses for the bad behaviors we want to continue having...  So, nope...I don't buy that excuse at all.

How does "Learning something new each day" and "Swearing" have any connection?  

As many of you may have noticed in some of my past post.... I have used the word OMGoodness when describing excitement about something.

Since I am not one that has the need to use bad language, I never....thought of using this in the terms of "Oh My God."  

As I learned today in our Sunday School class...the OMG word strongly offends others.  (Glad that my initials are not OMG} Just a funny spoken here!!

It offends me as well when the words are spoken as "OH MY GOD" in an irreverent way.

Perhaps, someone uses this phrase as such...
"I will extol thee... O....My God..."

This is Praising God.

My point here today is that there are a lot of different meanings for words, slang words and abbreviations.  It is important for us {ME}to use caution when expressing myself in ways that could be controversial or hurtful to others. 

No more OMG letters spoken here.

Have a fun day friends...


Ginny said...

When someone actually SAYS Oh My God, I hate it. It is taking God's name so casually and making it so trivial. I believe it shows no respect. And now lots of little kids are doing it!!

Ruth Hiebert said...

I have used the term,oh my goodness,but never considered it to be swearing,only using a different word.Guess I will rethink that before I use it again.Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I use oh, my goodness all the time... and have abbreviated it with OMG. Hmmm... definitely need to give this some thought. Thank you, Shug. blessings ~ tanna

carolann said...

I fully agree with you. No excuses.

I don't swear neither.
It does show your character but I noticed it is from the unsaved that cuss the more. They have used that all there lives. And not knowing Christ as their Savior. They do not taste Gods saving grace yet.

So we need to pray more for non-Christians. And let our life shine.

That way they will know we are different.

My hubby is a child of God too but he has never preached out loud like I do.

He will witness when the people say something to them. The one's who curse in front of him. They go oh sorry.

He has just the right words when they do ask question s about the Lord.

Now I tell them. That is my God your cussing about. They will say sorry too but others will still use it to see how I will react. To see if I am that person of faith i claim to be. one day I said. When you swear does it do any good. They say no. Then why do you do it? That's me.

Brandi said...

Growing up I was always scolded when saying OMG. I've been trying to teach my children the same, but sometimes we slip up.

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